Make Money online for Writing Essays

14 websites to Earn money for writing Essays

If you think you’re an excellent writer with the ability to write essays to earn money for college students, here’s some positive new information. Your writing skills or passion could make you cash to help cover your day to costs of the day.

Are you wondering how to write college essays and earn money with an internet-based Essay writing services.

If the concept work from home seem appealing for you as well and you possess the required writing abilities and qualifications this is your opportunity to convert your writing abilities into cash.

14 websites to Earn money for writing Essays

  1. Aish allows first-person stories about the positive impact on the positive influence Orthodox Jewish beliefs on everyday life. And they will pay you $200 upon publication. Learn about the frum lifestyle to make it work and send an email to
  2. pays $100 for college-related essays. They also use this essay submission to locate writers for their assignments.
  3. Dame reports that they pay the sum of $200 to write essays. They also accept reports as well as other types of articles, and pay rates can vary depending on the type of article.
  4. Brain, Child publishes lengthy essays covering a variety of subjects. Send your pitches to the editor and editor Marcelle Soviero. It will pay you $300 for 1,500 to 4,500-word articles.
  5. The Establishment will pay $125 and more for published pieces and articles.
  6. Eureka Street is an Australian website that offers $200 for commentary or analysis on religion, politics or popular culture as well as the current affairs across Australia and around the world. They also offer poetry for $50,and this seems to be rare in the present. Note: This publication will be closed for submissions from December 13, 2016 through January 10 the 10th of January, 2017. Any submissions made during this period is not read. make sure they’re still open prior to submitting.[Note: This publication is closed from December 13, 2016 to January 10, 2017.
  7. Guideposts offers 250 dollars to authors of Christian religion-based writing.
  8. LightHouse will pay $100 to encourage essays written that are written by visually impaired or blind writers.
  9. Narratively pay $200-300 per 2000-2500-word papers on specific subjects. Review their guidelines for information on current requirements.
  10. The New York Times Modern Love column reportedly can pay as high as $300 for articles on any subject that can be considered modern love.
  11. Skirt offers $200 for writing essays on women’s concerns.
  12. The Bold Italic might be an ideal choice for those who are living in San Francisco or have a connection to the city. Previous essay topics include the gig economy and dating on the internet depression, many more. The cost for each essay is $50.
  13. Vox First Person reportedly pays between $400 and $400 for personal essays of around 1500 words. Make an offer at
  14. Buzzfeed is estimated to have of 168 million unique users each month. They also provide a variety of subjects to keep users entertained and well-informed. The company pays $.13 up to $.27 for each word.

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