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How to Make Money with 3D Modeling

You can make a lot of money by developing cool skills such as 3D modeling. This is not an easy task. 3D modeling, while not as common as it was in the past, has made this market extremely competitive.

There is still a lot of need for 3D modeling. You don’t need to do anything unusual. Just produce high-quality work, and then promote it. There are many ways to make 3D modeling money. Here are some options.

Some Ways to Make 3D Modeling Money

Sell 3D models

It is easy to make money in 3D modeling by selling your 3D models. This can be done through a personal website or on an online marketplace. A 3D model could sell for between $10 and several hundred dollars depending on how complicated it is.

There are many reasons that clients may be able to purchase 3D models commercially. Your model can be used to create animated films or games or be used for 3D printing. Modifications to the model can also be made by 3D animators. You can earn money by recognizing potential buyers.

Online marketplaces have many models that you can use to help you choose models. You may find information on the most popular models, as well as categories. This information can also be used to determine the marketplace standards in terms of file formats, polygon counts, as well as rigging techniques for animated model rigging.

3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing and 3D modeling are complementary skills. 3D printing is often described to be a technology that can make real objects out of any model. This description is succinct, even though it doesn’t necessarily reflect the true capabilities of 3D printing.

It is not common to be able to package 3D printing with custom 3D modeling, even though there are many providers of commercial 3D printer services. There are many opportunities here. You can make custom action figurines or miniatures, posters, lithophanes, lithophanes, jewelry, displays, and other projects that reflect your personal style. This combination of skills will allow you to get the most from 3D modeling.

This service is not easy to offer. You will also need to know how to use the 3D printer. While 3D printers these days are more intuitive, you’ll still need to be able to do some manual tinkering and have the patience to get the most from your 3D printer. The additional hardware will also mean that this venture requires more capital.

3D printing customized is very lucrative. For complex figures, you could charge several hundred dollars. Additional services, such as painting or post-processing can be added to make your product more expensive.

Offer 3D design services

There are many industries that could benefit from the skills of a 3D modeler. If you have enough experience, these models can be hired either as freelancers or in-house employees. This is a better source of income than selling 3D models online.

There are many companies looking for 3D modelers. The industry you work in will depend on what type of 3D modeling you do. If you are an engineer or architect, you might be a good candidate for companies offering plumbing, mechanical or electrical detailing.

Those who are passionate about 3D sculpting may be more suited to creative firms. These companies can be animation studios as well as gaming studios. Visual effects studios can also be hired for third-party purposes, whether it’s for movies or video games. However, it is extremely helpful if your creative ideas are unique and you can create models yourself.

This is a great way to have a career in high-profile industries and get a lucrative job. These companies continue to offer top salaries for highly skilled 3D modelers because this skill is still rare. A 3D modeler can earn over $100,000 per year at an established firm.

Offer 3D scanning

3D scanning offers a good alternative to creating a 3D model, especially if it is not possible to sculpt completely from scratch. The use of 3D scanners to make digital copies or recreations of real-world objects has also been a popular option.

3D scanning has become a lot cheaper over the years but most people will only use them for a single occasion. In these instances, a professional 3D scanning company can be useful.

Knowing 3D modeling makes it easier to offer professional-grade 3D scanning. Although 3D scanners aren’t perfect, some adjustments may be required to ensure that the output models are as beautiful as possible. Some artifacts may need to be removed from 3D scanning.

The combination of 3D scanning and 3D modeling skills can open new doors for you. You may be capable of scanning broken appliances and making models of replacement parts. You can also scan the faces of people to improve their appearance and add details to the models.

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Create lessons and tutorials

3D modeling is something that you can be an expert at. There are many other people interested in your skill. You have another chance to use your 3D modeling skills to make some money.

You can make 3D modeling courses that you then host on Coursera. These courses are affordable, with the most popular being less than $20. But you have to expect a lot of people to sign up. You can make these courses very easy to follow by providing good examples and exercises. Graphics and catchy titles are also helpful.

You can convert your lessons into videos and upload them to your own YouTube channel. Your videos might become monetizable if there are enough views and subscribers. It can be difficult and time-consuming, but it is possible to earn a large payout. For this to be possible, you’ll need basic video editing skills.

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