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6 Websites to Earn money with freelance Writing

Are you exhausted of writing to earn pennies (or peanuts, or any other cliché for low-paying jobs you prefer) and are you willing to find out how to make cash online?

We’re not too happy about it either. This is why we regularly review our list of sites which pay regularly.

Below is an updated and improved the early Version of 2022 Making a Living Writing’s list of freelance writing websites that pay at least $50 for each post.

6 Websites that pay you over $50 for freelance writing:

  1. ClearVoice is a platform used to connect bloggers to companies in a variety of niches, as well as allowing bloggers to write articles for the blog it owns. Pay rates are variable, but could be from $250 to $400 (from the information we’ve seen so far). If you submit an application you choose the rate you’re willing to pay; The platform then emails you with opportunities that are appropriate. It’s not a bidding site fee is set. However, gigs are offered to a variety of writers, and the client decides on the writer to collaborate with. It’s not difficult to complete the application procedure once you’ve created your profile it’s as simple as replying that you’re interested. Then they will let you know if you are selected for the job.
  2. Contently pay approximately 35 cents per phrase for their online freelancer magazine. Download their guidelines for pitching below.
  3. Freedom With Writing will pay $50 or more for lists of publishers that pay. Also, they pay ebooks with short lengths which means that there’s the option of longer-form content, as well.
  4. Earn a living by writing. This blog will pay between $75 and $100 for guest posts, based on the how much research and complexity is required. Make sure you review our guidelines carefully including our list of subjects we’re currently seeking guest posts for currently. If you can pitch one of those topics, it can greatly increase your chances of being selected!
  5. WOW! Women on Writing gets paid $50-$150.
  6. The Write Life will pay for certain articles and you’ll need to negotiate the rate you want.

These are best writing websites that pay you more than $50 for your work.

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