7 ways to earn money from YouTube

7 ways to earn money from YouTube

In this article, we will discuss 7 methods to earn money from Youtube.

Let’s take a closer look at the income streams of each.

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

The first source of revenue that you’ll most likely be interested in is advertising. If you’re interested in learning to earn money from YouTube without making videos or as a content producer joining the YouTube Partnership Program and creating monetization options is an essential step.

You’ll be required to adhere to YouTube’s policies on monetization and reside in one of the countries or regions in which the YouTube Partner Program is available. YouTube Partner Program offered. You can then apply to monetize your account once you’ve reached the 1,000 subscriber mark and have 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

Here’s how to make monetization possible YouTube: YouTube:

  • Log in to YouTube. Sign in to the YouTube account you wish to make money from.
  • Select the image to sign up for Your account in the upper right corner.
  • Click YouTube Studio.
  • On the left side choose Additional Options > Monetization..
  • Please read and accept these YouTuber Partner Program terms and eligibility conditions.
  • Create a brand new Google AdSense account or join an existing one with your existing channel. (You must have the AdSense account to be paid.)
  • Set your monetization preferences.
  • After that, go into the dashboard, and then click the Analytics tab located on the left. There, you’ll have to select Revenue from the top menus and then scroll down to the chart for Monthly Estimated Revenue to determine the expected YouTube revenue.

2. Sell merchandise or products

There are a lot of items to sell that could aid you in earn money from YouTube channels you have. Selling merchandise like coffee mugs, t-shirts bags, snapbacks, totes, or anything else–has a profit that is more than revenue.

The sale of the merchandise increases exposure for you by bringing your online brand and image out into the real world. It also strengthens the connection between your customers and you because they actually “buy” into what you’re doing. Creators such as Roman Atwood sell a wide range of products in his shop with his Smile More brand.

Selling merchandise with a branded logo is simpler than it appears initially. It is possible to purchase low-cost designs that are specifically designed for certain products such as T-shirts by using online freelancers like Fiverr.

When it comes to managing orders, you can connect your store to services like Dsers and one or more of the numerous print-on-demand companies that handle fulfillment, shipping, and customer service, so you can benefit from the many advantages of the print-on-demand business which requires less effort from you.

You can also partner with an established merchandising platform for creators, like DFTBA (Don’t forget to be Awesome). But you’ll have to compete with other YouTubers, and will have less control over introducing items, offering discounts as well as integrating your content and all the other advantages associated with having your own eCommerce site.

You can go one step further by making as well as selling distinctive products and running your business via the YouTube platform, similar to what Luxy hair did to market its hair extensions using hair-related tutorial videos.

If you’re a YouTuber who has already gained your audience enjoy two advantages right from the beginning that store owners might be envious of:

The content engine which continuously brings traffic to your store

Your viewers’ trust that you’ve earned through constantly providing them with your own style of content free of charge

3. Crowdfund

When the money only can stand between an idea’s realization and its actualization crowdfunding can be a great method to get it done.

If you require help in purchasing new equipment or hiring more actors or even a way to cover other production costs, you are able to solicit your crowd and the crowdfunding community to lend a hand when your concept is appealing enough.

A lot of successful crowdfunded creative projects usually provide an unintentional preview as a “trailer” that gets people excited. Consider making a short video to explain your project or giving a preview of what it will be like for example, this Kickstarter project called Kung Fury is a short movie that pays homage to 1980s action films.

The most popular crowdfunding websites with a successful campaign run by YouTubers, for example:

Kickstarter. One of the most popular crowdfunding websites, perfect for financing interesting projects and products. Make sure you set an achievable funding goal since you’ll only get it if you’re able to meet the goals you’ve set.

Indiegogo. A Kickstarter alternative that gives greater flexibility in funding options.

4. Make sure your fans help you by donating “fan funding”

Similar to crowdfunding projects it is also possible to create “fan funding” streams to solicit donations from your fans.

As creators, you’re giving your opinion to the world without having to purchase admission. Therefore, if you’re providing high-quality content, your readers could be inclined to continue to support your work on a continuous basis.

A variety of fan-funding platforms provide creators with an additional platform for viewers to find their work and an opportunity to connect with their most loyal followers and give them a reward for their patronage.

Wait But What is longer-form writing content than YouTube videos, it is an excellent example of assistance through members of the Patreon community.

If you decide to go with the crowdfunding method, be certain to adhere to a few of the best guidelines. First, establish transparency regarding how the funds will be used. This will make your audience interested in your mission or story and will believe in the value in your work.

In addition, you can offer appealing incentives to pledge more. In addition, the more your efforts can help your donors feel that they’re getting something exclusive in exchange for being a faithful fan and the more likely you’ll be to receive donations and more pledges.

Popular fan-funded options for funding are:

YouTube’s Super Chat. Super Chat is a feature you can use in live streaming on YouTube. It allows you to create an e-tip jar that allows viewers to donate at any time they’d like to donate. You’ll have to create your YouTube account to advertise, in the manner described in the previous paragraph.

Channel memberships. Memberships in channels allow viewers to back your channel with monthly payments, in exchange for perks for members only. Like Super Chat, you must be a member the YouTube Partner Program to be able to use this feature.

Patreon. The platform for membership allows creators to earn money. Members can sign up to their preferred creators for just one dollar per month and earn special rewards.

Tipeee. This platform allows the benefits of one-time and ongoing donations.

5. Give your content permission to the media

If you create an internet-wide video with popularity, such as a funny video of your dog, you could trade your video in exchange for cash.

Television news channels morning shows, news online websites, and other creators may inquire about permission to utilize your video when they become viral.

You may also post your videos on marketplaces, such as Trusted Brands for Media which means that your content will be easier for the right people to locate and buy.

If the clip showing a girl sporting a Chewbacca mask became to the top of the charts, many media outlets jumped on board.

6. Partner with brands to become an influencer

Brands are investing increasingly in sponsorships and influencer marketing and spending their typical advertising budgets on influential personalities who’ve already gained the trust of their fans.

This presents a huge chance for you to become creators if you’re able to strike the right deal.

Brendan Gahan, a YouTube marketing expert, and influencer suggest the establishment of your basic flat rate by analyzing the number of views your videos usually receive and then multiplying that by $0.05 or $0.15 per viewer (which is roughly what a lot of brands will offer for views in YouTube advertisements).

Based on data from WebFX WebFX, the prices that could be incurred of influencer advertising on YouTube are:

A video costing $200 is YouTubers with 10,000 followers

A YouTuber who costs $2,000 per video. YouTuber with 100,000 viewers

A YouTuber who costs $20,000 per video. YouTuber with 1,000,000 viewers

Depending on the leverage you have–your audience’s demographics, your content’s quality as well as how unique and lucrative your market is, you may be able to bargain an advantageous deal if your brand’s image is compatible with the.

The most important thing to remember when working with sponsored content by brands is, to be honest about the partnership, not promoting something you don’t really agree with or feel strongly about, and be honest to your viewers about the reason that you’re doing this.

Here are a few of the influencer markets you can join your channel to and be noticed by brands big and small.

Crowdtap. Complete small content creation “tasks” in exchange for money or other rewards. There is no limit on how many followers you’ll have to sign up for.

Upfluence. An all-inclusive influencer platform that has an archive of over three million influential people. Users can use Upfluence to locate creators using a keyword, and then reach them to create an association.

Certain influencer marketplaces provide free items, while others are famous for having large brands that are willing to pay for more. Make the most of the opportunities that are best suited to your requirements, but make sure you list yourself as widely as you can to guarantee the highest visibility for your channel.

7. Be an affiliate marketer

affiliate marketing is the process of earning an income by advertising a product or service offered by a different brand. You can be an affiliate marketer of brands and include endorsements, product placements, or other forms of content. However, you must reveal the affiliations to viewers in your videos.

This is particularly useful when you are reviewing products on the content of your YouTube channel. Because there’s no risk for the company (they don’t pay until they sell) There’s typically an entry-level threshold to get started.

The most popular affiliate programs are the ClickBank program (1 between a % and 75% commissions, based on what the vendor decides to set) as well as Amazon’s affiliate network ( between 10 and 10 percent of sales). You may also connect with companies in your field who have the affiliate programs of their respective brands. This is not uncommon in the eCommerce sector.

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