6 innovative methods for Architect to earn money online

Being an architect have you thought about making money online? Maybe you’re just from a college or university and want to gain some experience before stepping into the world of work. Do not worry, we have only the right resources to assist you in obtaining work online. This guide will help you earn a steady income from your expertise.

In the present day, freelance work is the most suitable alternative for those working full-time or struggling for money. It is now possible to do everything online. This includes architect freelance jobs too. It’s cool, isn’t it? If it’s just a one-time assignment or a continuous variety of projects, this guide can help you discover a wealth of possibilities to work for yourself.

Freelance Platforms for Architect to earn money online

These are websites that pay architects for their abilities online. This includes the design, planning, or selling of your designs as well as providing expert assistance to customers.


Houzz is a site for homeowners, and architects to design, and simply connect professional home designers with their owners. Houzz lets professionals showcase their talents and expertise by creating a profile online. This lets homeowners examine your portfolio, look over your work and even hire the services. This platform is an excellent way to attract architects and also helps them grow their client base.

How does it work

Create your profile for professional use on their site. After logging into your account, you can build your portfolio online using your bio, contacts, and any previous work experiences. It is also possible to add your preferred hourly rate in the manner you’d like. When your profile is 100% complete, Houzz will begin indexing you based on your location.


Shapeways is a distinct platform for 3D printing. It allows you to sell your prints on the internet. As a designer, you’re free to offer different designs to customers, without having to worry about production and delivery. Shapeways takes care of all the rest for you. This is an excellent opportunity to utilize your industrial design abilities and earn money through it. No matter what it is, whether it’s your home model or the small components that you design, Shapeways manufactures them and delivers the parts directly to customers. This can help you cut down on the cost of manufacturing and logistics.

How does it work

The first step is to create your store and its description. After that, you can begin by uploading your 3D designs, selecting your item’s price, and click on create. When your store is live and operating, customers will eventually discover your items and everything else is taken care of by Shapeways. 


Workana can be described as a market that caters to any kind of freelance professional. There you can showcase your company by creating an online profile and let others find you to showcase your talents. The platform lets you discover new clients who are willing to contract architects as freelancers or AutoCAD designers. Join them and discuss your experience.

How does it work

Begin by creating an account on our site. Create your profile by listing your expertise and skills. Then, you can set your own rate. You can begin working on Workana by two methods You can either sit and sit and wait for clients to contact you via your profile to choose to hire you or browse for jobs that are posted by clients and then apply for the job. Whatever you choose, the task is entirely yours.


99 Designs is an online marketplace for graphic designers. It connects professional graphic designers with customers around the globe for their work. The platform also provides the opportunity for architects. There are always customers looking for architects with AutoCAD expertise. Although these projects are not as frequently as advertised, the opportunities are available. With a wide range of categories available and start your own design business right here.

How does it work

To begin working, register an account on the site and register as a designer. Once you’ve done that, you’re able to begin by taking part in an online contest to find the most appealing design that will be selected, or you can sit and wait to be approached by a potential client to offer your services. 


Cocontest is a platform for crowdsourcing for architects. The website allows customers to start a contest to submit house renovations or ideas to architects. The designers are able to participate in contests and earn cash prizes for their efforts.

How does it work

Clients from all over the globe submit their requirements and then launch a contest that anyone can enter. After receiving entries by designers contest ended and the winner was announced. The cash prize is presented to the winner.


Toptal is a platform for freelancers which connects top talent with the best companies. Toptal hires top freelancers across the globe. They make sure that all freelancers they employ have been vetted by a strict procedure prior to working for the most prestigious firms.
The reason this platform is perfect for architects is the fact that it’s among the most professional websites for freelance work that are available. It connects freelancers with top-quality business professionals and gives you something to be proud of.

How does it work

For a career start with Toptal begin by filling out your profile. Once your profile is completed the company will test your communication skills as well as your specific domain expertise. This is not the only screening. When you’re accepted into the ranks, the firm will pair you up with specific projects. Each project will be tested and interviewed to ensure that the project is of high quality. If you’re considering applying, bear this in mind. Toptal is a serious business.

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