Five Ways Bookworms Can Earn Money Online

Do you consider yourself to be a reader? Do you read constantly? Would you like to earn some extra cash through your love of literature?

Here are five ways Bookworms are able to earn money online doing what they enjoy. If you’re in search of cash for your pocket or a job, you must make money from your love for books!

Five Ways Bookworms Can Earn Money Online

1. Become a Beta Reader

Authors who are both experienced and novice are more likely to have a non-professional go through their work before releasing the book. This is called beta reading. In most cases, you don’t require any knowledge (other than being able to read) to be able to complete this task. Once you’ve completed the book, you might be requested to write an extensive report that outlines your thoughts on the story and offers suggestions. 

Yes, your feedback is valued! You can offer your reading services through Fiverr or contact aspiring authors and offer the book at an affordable price. Of course, the more duration, the more you’d be able to charge. It’s unlikely to be able to replace your income from full-time employment, however, it could be a great side job and perhaps help pay some bills.

2. Reviewing Books

You can earn money online to read a book and then leave an authentic review. It’s a lot like reading a book for beta in the way you think about it. OnlineBookClub for instance will pay anywhere from $5 to $60 for a review. This may not sound like much, but on the positive side, you will receive the book for free. You can accept payment through PayPal. When you are established as an author, your income will certainly rise. Be aware that you won’t get paid to review the very first novel you write about however that shouldn’t be too problematic for those who enjoy reading.

3. Proofreading Books

If you’re not only an avid reader but also are also a sharp eye for spelling and grammar mistakes, you ought to think about getting a job as a proofreader. Proofreading is among the final steps required prior to the publication of a book. Your role as proofreader will be to edit the book to ensure that the grammar is correct and that its language and syntax are consistent manners.

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This is of course careful reading through the book, which is why those who love books will enjoy the process. There are proofreading jobs available on sites such as or What is the amount one can make as a proofreader? Some freelancers earn between $25 and $50 an hour proofreading. It can be used to replace your 9-5 job. Aren’t you amazed?

4. Become an Audiobook Narrator

If you’re comfortable speaking in public, you could make money from audiobooks. As an audiobook narrator, you’ll just be turning book audiobooks into files. Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) is a marketplace in which you can start your own audiobook career. is another alternative that allows you to get paid to read aloud books. 

It is helpful if you have experience in acting, as well as professional recording equipment. On these two sites, you can either be paid one time after the success of your audiobook, or you can share the royalties earned from sales. The potential earnings for these side jobs are very impressive.

5. Start a Blog About Your Reading Journey

The blogging lifestyle may not suit all people, but you should think about it if you are passionate about telling people about books that you’ve read. A blog on which you post reviews or summaries about the latest books that you’ve read is an enjoyable option to earn money. You can make money by monetizing your blog by using an advertising network, or earn commissions when you introduce people to books that they can buy.

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