Earn Money on Clickworker

Earn Money on Clickworker

Are you looking for an opportunity to earn cash online and earn additional income as a side hustle or to supplement your time as a stay-at-home mom full-time? Clickworker might be the ideal answer for your needs. It is a lot like in many ways to Amazon mTurk and similar programs that assign the work of large projects to huge teams of cloud workers. In general, these programs pay only a small amount of money. Clickworker is different in that you can make more.

Through Clickworker you will be able to view upfront how much you can earn from completing various freelance tasks including translators and copywriting. It allows you to determine the amount you earn per hour. Projects cost as little as $3 an hour, and all the way to $25 an hour. It is possible to work at your home using Clickworker which is certainly one of the main advantages. Naturally, you’ll like to get the most of your time, so this tutorial will teach you how to accomplish that using Clickworker.

One important point to be aware of regarding Clickworker that anyone thinking of using the site should be aware of prior to deciding. This is that it is not meant to be the sole or primary source of revenue. There are thousands of people looking for the most lucrative tasks, and each is only completed by the same number of people. Sometimes, you might not be lucky and discover that there aren’t any high-paying jobs to be found However if you apply the advice in this article you can earn an additional $100 to $200 every month and work only approximately twenty hours work.

Starting with Clickworker

Before you can begin your work for Clickworker You must be sure you satisfy two essential prerequisites. The first is that you need to possess Internet Explorer installed. If you own a Mac computer it is possible to search the internet for details on how to install the internet browser on your system. If you own a Windows computer, it is likely that you are already using Internet Explorer installed.

In addition, you should be competent in writing and reading in English easily. If you’re not a native English speaker then you’ll have to sit for a test to demonstrate your comprehension abilities.

If you’re able to meet these two conditions If you meet two requirements, you’re all set to start using Clickworker. You can follow these instructions to set everything up:

1. Register for Clickworker

Go to this website clockwork to create an account. Once you are on the site, you will see the registration button. Click it then wait until the page loads. Click the button to sign up as Clickworker.

2. Provide Basic Information

Once you’ve decided to become Clickworker, you’ll be taken to a page. Fill in your name, email address, postal address, and any other details required. After all the fields are completed, fill out the form and then wait until an email is delivered to your inbox. Click on it, and then click on the button to verify your email, and then complete the registration.

3. Prepare to Take Assessments

In order to be eligible for high-paying jobs on Clickworker, it is necessary to complete a few tests. You’ll find the link to start on the right side of the screen, under the Assessments column. Follow the link, and then provide your login information, if required.

4. Complete the Form

When you are on the page for assessment, you have to fill out a form that has four tabs including About Me Languages, Skills Hobbies & Know-How. Make sure you fill out each tab as thoroughly as you are able to. This is crucial since your answers will decide which assessments you’re eligible to take and eventually the amount of money you will earn.

5. Take the Assessments

Once you’ve completed all four sections, you’ll be directed to a page that contains the list of tests. At the top of the page will find a heading that reads “Available Base Assessments.” These are the exams you’ll have to pass to be able to get good-paying jobs. You must pass all of the tests included in this section. Make sure you take your time and perform to the best of your abilities.

Once you’ve completed the test, you’ll find two additional tests beneath the base assessment section with additional columns for Prerequisites. Complete each of these tests. They’re a little more difficult and complex than the initial tests, so make certain to give them your all-encompassing concentration.

Sometimes, there is an in-between time between when additional tests are made available. This is common. It could take up to a day to see them but you can check them out 24 hours after.

It could take between 2 and 3 hours to take all the tests. You must ensure that you have an active Internet connection since you can’t take the test off and resume at a future time. Only one opportunity is available to finish the job.

In one of the exams, you’ll be required to create a Hotmail email address if you don’t have one. It is impossible to pass the test without a mail address so make sure to sign up for one.

Be aware that, although you may be employed by Clickworker without having to take the tests you won’t be able to qualify for projects that pay top dollar without taking the tests first. It’s definitely worth the time required to complete the project.

How to Start Making Money in the UHRS System of Clickworker

After you’ve passed the entire test after which you’ll be able to enter the UHRS section where the best Paying Clickworker jobs are located. To be able to join UHRS it is necessary to make use of to use the Internet Explorer web browser.

To get to the system, use this direct link: https://prod.uhrs.playmsn.com/Judge/Views/Login. The system will prompt you to sign in. Log in using the Live ID that you created to access Hotmail while taking the test. After you’ve signed into Hotmail, you’ll be able to see an overview of HitApps that is which is what Clickworker refers to as the projects you can take on in order to earn money.

Most tasks are marked with a blue button that reads Qualification. Before you can complete the job for money, you have to be able to pass the required qualification. After you’ve been certified and passed the test, you do not have to repeat the certification to perform similar tasks in the future.

Qualifications are sort of mini-tests. You are able to retake a few of them, however, only a certain amount of time. You are not able to operate an HitApp until you have passed the required qualification. Once you have passed the qualification, you just select the “Start Judging” link to begin working.

Use these guidelines when choosing HitApps and working towards the requirements:

1. Be sure to complete exact work and provide quick answers. If you’re not certain regarding the correct answer leave it out.

2. Look over the Preview link If there’s one. Sometimes answers to the question can be found within the Preview.

3. HitApps that pay a rate that is $.03 and above per job are highly sought after. It’s crucial to meet the requirements for these jobs fast so that you don’t miss your chance to complete the work.

4. Systems glitches are possible. Sometimes, the test may incorrectly indicate the answers you gave are not correct. Do not waste your time on these questions. You can move onto the next one.

5. Do not try to offer random responses. The system could detect this and may remove your account from an app, or even shut down your account.

6. If you’re creating an application, make sure you finish it quickly and without compromising the accuracy. Be aware that the more work you accomplish and complete, the more cash you’ll earn.

7. Be diverse. Choose tasks from a broad range of areas in order to become proficient with the work. If there are no lucrative jobs available you can work towards obtaining the skills needed for low-paying jobs.

8. Be aware that jobs with higher pay are more challenging which is why they usually will require you to work longer. As time passes, you could discover that tasks with lower costs will actually cost you more as you perform more efficiently. Each person is unique in the world of Clickworker. What could be the most effective method for you to earn an income could not be the right way for another.

Getting Paid

The first payment will be made through the profits you earn through Clickworker three weeks after your first day of work within UHRS. UHRS system. You can then expect to receive your weekly pay as long as you are working on a weekly basis. Payments are initially made on your UHRS account on Monday. Then, on Thursday the funds are moved through UHRS into PayPal. Then, you are able to make use of the funds to buy online or transfer the money into your account at a bank. Many freelancers are wondering if they’ll be able to earn money using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies of their preference. It’s a question that several job websites are considering in the coming years.

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