How to Make Money as a Freelance Copywriter

Are you a Copywriter? Copywriting is a great way to earn money while traveling around the world.

You’re certainly right.

Working as a freelance editor is a great way to make money. This works for anyone anywhere, not only at home but also around the globe. It’s even easier to start than you might think.

A degree is not necessary, but it’s a must to be skilled in writing. This is a career you want to pursue if it interests you. Continue reading for information on how to become effective copywriters.

Are you ready? These are our top tips and tricks for getting started as a freelance author

What is copywriting?

Before we get into the details on how to become copywriters, let us quickly explain what copywriting really is.

Copywriting is the art and science of creating persuasive materials that encourage readers to take action. This could be to purchase, opt-in, or engage with the company/product/service. Copywriters are basically salespeople who use the written word for customers.

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Copywriting is a job that requires you to understand the types of content you will be writing.

Copywriters are the people who write the text on your website, advertisements, emails and billboards.

How to become a writer?

Copywriting is a very specialized industry. Although it doesn’t require formal education, there are some skills that every copywriter should have. Let’s look at some of these skills.

Stellar Writing Skills

Copywriters must be skilled at writing. You need to practice your writing skills regularly and you won’t be able to write like a pro.

English is the most commonly used language in the world. It is essential that you learn English grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Don’t expect to be an expert writer straight away. Instead, you can practice and continue practicing.

An Eye For Detail

Your copy should be error-free. A keen eye for detail can help you spot mistakes and make corrections before you send it off to your client.

A professional copy will make you more attractive to clients. No client likes to be required to make edits and changes to work. They hired your services so that they can take care of that.


For your text to convince readers to take action you must be curious. Keep your curiosity alive and learn as much as possible about the topic. Explore a topic with curiosity, even if you find it boring.

Impeccable skills in research

Impeccable research skills rank right alongside curiosity. It is crucial to conduct thorough research to understand the topic and target audience in order to come up with a high-converting copy.

What’s a copywriter doing?

A freelance copywriter’s next question is, “What do copywriters actually do?”

A copywriter creates promotional material, including:

Advertisements on TV, radio (magazines or newspapers), print (magazines), and the internet (Google ads and Facebook ads).

  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Signup forms
  • Sales scripts
  • Press releases
  • How-to guides
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Billboards

The list could go on.

Earning a living as a freelance writer: What are your options?

This is most likely the most important part of the guide on how to be a copywriter.

It’s important to determine if you are able to earn enough money to support a life full of travel.

It is true that freelance copywriting incomes vary tremendously. One freelancer might make $30,000 annually, while another may earn more than $2,000,000 per annum.

What’s the deal?

It all depends on how skilled and experienced you are.

Copywriters new to the field with little experience or copywriting skills can expect to make $3,000-15,000 per year, while copywriters with more than ten years of experience will make $75,000-150,000 annually.

Highly skilled copywriters could make more than $300,000.

Freelance copywriters are able to work as many hours as they like. More work equals more money. You can improve your skills to make more, but you don’t have to work as hard. You should have the time to travel and explore the world.

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