Earn Money Online as A Copywriter for Emails

Copywriter for Emails: Did you have the knowledge that email marketing offers an average ROI of 36 for each dollar? That means that the average brand will make $36000 from investing $1000 in marketing via email.

The majority of online businesses have this number by heart, but they aren’t sending adequate emails to customers due to:

They aren’t sure how to write compelling emails.

They don’t have time to compose emails.

This is where freelance professional email copywriters can help.

You’ll assist companies in the field of eCommerce and SaaS or other web-based businesses create different kinds of emails that increase subscribers’ engagement, create brand loyalty, and increase sales.

According to Litmus Here are a few of the most frequently used email messages that companies send.

Based on your level of experience, you could earn anything from $100 and $1,000 (or even more) by email.

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What’s the most effective way to locate clients for email copywriting? Contact SaaS and eCommerce businesses (big but also small) by sending cold emails to market your products and services.

Writing job boards that are freelancing and websites like Problogger Jobs, FlexJobs, Hubstaff, etc. Also, they frequently feature job opportunities in email marketing.

Five Sought-after Types of Copywriter for Email

In-Demand Type 1 The Lead Generating Follow-up

A lot of companies, especially in the business-to-business industry, sell to other businesses rather than consumers like me. They have a lengthy sales cycle that begins by generating leads.

The term “lead” refers to a possible buyer who has raised their hand and said “I’m in” by signing a form and downloading a whitepaper or enrolling for a free trial of the software, and so on.

The “lead” is aware that the product is out there and is currently considering a purchase. Therefore, the goal of these emails is to push the customer toward their purchase decision, whether through answering questions as well as encouraging them to speak to a sales representative who will help close the deal.

In-Demand Type 2 Send Funnels

Email funnels are like follow-ups on leads in the sense that they are sent to anyone who could be a purchaser …

However, they’re generally less knowledgeable about the product. In email funnels, the customer is invited to the webinar, report, or free or free education in a field that is related to the product the client sells.

If the customer is interested in a specific subject, the company attempts to market a product or service they think will be of interest.

Perhaps, for instance, your client sells supplements to help reduce inflammation. They could offer no-cost information on the top 10 risks that are posed by an excessive amount of inflammation within your body.

Whoever downloads this study isn’t seeking an additional supplement at this time. However, they’re interested in the dangers that inflammation can pose to them and therefore are likely buyers.

The typical sequence of emails is 5-7 which is part of the chain, however, it may go up to more. You could be paid to compose the emails. Also, you could be paid $1,500-$2,000 for the development of the strategy for email, and later receive another payment to create emails.

The emails you send are usually automated, which means they are self-contained. Once someone becomes an e-commerce buyer because of the emails you sent them, they go onto the email list for the next set of emails in demand.

In-Demand Type 3 Post-purchase Onboarding Sequences

These emails focus on the customer experience. You’ve bought a product and now you’re looking to assist them in gaining the advantages of using it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fitness program or a financial newsletter training, or something in between, the customer won’t get any benefit until they’ve used the product. Your job is to keep them interested and to get them to use your program …

It could be helpful to help them start, show them interesting features, or ask what they are looking for … Anything that can help them get moving toward the solution they sought at the time they made the purchase.

The In-Demand Type 4 Content Emails/Advertorials

Content writing is among the least understood opportunities available in the writing industry …

We’ve heard writers claim they’re not sales writers. They create content. But the point of quality content, the kind that customers pay writers $300- $500 for writing, will prepare the customer for the purchase.

The bottom line is that every business is selling something. That’s the reason they’re in business. If you, as a content creator can assist in bringing those sales to fruition you’ll earn a good amount of money and be sought after.

Content emails, often referred to as advertorials are similar to blogs and articles you can find on websites. There is only one difference: they are geared toward sales …

They might not even refer to a service or product. The entire piece of content will prepare readers for the service or product that offers. In the final paragraph, the piece will have an obvious call to action for readers to learn more about the product by going to the sales page or another form of a sales brochure.

This is an ideal chance for writers who “get” the value of content …

Alongside the great fee, it is also possible to be set up as a retainer — in which you commit to writing the specified amount of articles each month, and then your clients in return pay the same amount each month.

In-Demand type 5 Direct Sales E-mails

This is the place where my direct-response copywriters will prefer to be … principally because that’s the place where you’ll earn the most lucrative pay ($750 or $1250). Contrary to the other emails, this one you will solicit a sale. And the closer to the sale, the greater you could make.

If you’ve had the opportunity to master the art of direct response copywriting and put your superpowers to good use, but you don’t have the passion and focus, time or focus to create a 20-page sales letter, this opportunity is ideal for you!

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