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Create a website for paid membership using WordPress

Create a website for paid membership

If you’re not keen on selling advertisements or sponsored posts .There are plenty of ways to earn money online through your blog. One of the most popular methods is making your readers pay for access to certain pages or content on your website. Here are a few ways to accomplish this.

1. Create Content Restricted to Members Only

Your most loyal customers are the biggest admirers and could want to spend for get more information about your writing. Create a members-only section where they can publish more detailed blog posts video, downloads, downloads audio files, and much more.

Membership sites are expensive to invest in because they require you to continuously create premium content for your members. They can also be profitable due to their you are earning recurring income (subscriptions).

It is easy to create an online membership site with the help of the WordPress member plugin. We suggest the use of MemberPress as it’s the easiest and reliable membership plugin that works with WordPress.

We’ve put together a complete tutorial on creating an WordPress membership site including step-by-step directions to assist you in getting started.

2. Make a Private Forum

Another method of creating an online membership site that is paid for is to set up private forums where users have to pay for access to. Forums can be a fantastic option for your customers to receive advice one-on-one from you. Members of your community are also able to communicate and assist each other.

Although managing a forum is a significant amount of work A paid forum is an excellent method to generate recurring revenue through your WordPress website.

3. Create a”question and answer” community

Community forums for questions and answers such as Stack Exchange and Quora are massive. They can help you create an online group that’s motivated, committed, and highly active.

Like forums, you’ll need to build an impressive community. Then, you’ll be able to profit from the content that users create on your site by using affiliate ads, advertisements or other techniques.

The most popular question and answer websites can get direct advertising and sponsorship agreements from the top advertisers in their sector. This allows them to get a better rate as well as other benefits.

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