Make Money With Create Mobile Apps

Make Money With Create Mobile Apps

Everyone wants to be able to create mobile apps for free and make some money.

Mobile apps offer a great way for business owners to make improvements within their company. You can also use them to show off your ideas, such as on Instagram and Snapchat.

Everyone wants to make money with create mobile apps. Before you even start developing apps, it is essential to establish your app revenue strategy. If you don’t know how to monetize your app, you might end up wasting money and time.

How to Make Money With Create Mobile Apps?

We’ll be covering the top app monetization methods and showing you some examples throughout this guide. Apps can make money in one of these ways:

  • In-app purchases
  • In-app advertising
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate links

Unless you are selling a product, subscription, or service, your app will most likely depend on advertising or affiliate programs. You can still make money with create mobile apps with these methods, even if you don’t charge users for the app.

App Monetization Strategy – What are the Best App Monetization Methods?

Apps are a popular choice for consumers.

The cost of building an app can be expensive.

You need to ensure that your app idea will make a profit before you spend all of your money.

App Monetization Models: In-App purchases vs. a mobile site

I assume your company already has a business.

This site was optimized for mobile devices, hopefully to your benefit.

Mobile-friendly websites will drive visitors away.

Let’s talk about the customer experience and its relationship to customers’ purchasing habits. This will be a major factor in your app’s monetization strategies.

Do you think that users prefer to buy on a smartphone site or through a mobile app?

Respondents preferred convenience.

The top responses to other top questions also reflect convenience and improve user satisfaction.

Your customers expect everything quickly.

Speed is a major issue if your site isn’t optimized to work on mobile devices.

This is not an issue when people use your app to navigate.

Consider your app as any other business. Customers are the best way to make money. Keep them happy and keep them coming back.

A mobile purchase offers convenience and speed, but also makes it much easier to complete your order.

In-app purchases within free mobile apps can be charged directly to the customer’s associated credit card with the app stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store accounts). It’s easy for users to use in-app purchases because they don’t need to provide credit card information.

It’s as easy as one click. It’s as easy for customers to use. That’s how you make money with free apps.

How does this compare with a mobile site?

Although speed is already a factor, let’s assume your mobile website runs well.

What else could slow down the customer’s progress?

They won’t have any cards or accounts linked with your mobile site so they’ll need to enter all the information.

Customers must log in to their PayPal or enter credit card details.

Overall, it is a slower process and more trouble for the user.

Furthermore, typing all that information on a small screen is susceptible to mistakes that could slow things down.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think your mobile site should be without a checkout page. It should also have ways to make money from credit card purchases.

iOS Vs. Android In-App Purchases

iOS platforms offer more than twice the average purchase per user than Android.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should pick one over another.

While iOS may have a larger average purchase, Android has the largest number of users.

Out of 432 million phones, 77 Million had iOS software, while 352 Million used Android platform.

Both platforms combined accounted for 99% market share, while Android alone accounts for 81.7%.

16% of Android app developers are earning over $5,000 per month, while 25% of iOS app developers make over $5,000.

If you are only planning on releasing on one operating system, keep these numbers in mind.

App Monetization Strategy To Physical Products

This topic was briefly mentioned earlier. However, I wanted to go on and elaborate further.

An app can help you sell consumable goods.

79% of smartphone owners have made a purchase online in the last six months. This number is increasing each year.

You don’t have to be Amazon. I will show you how a smaller company uses its mobile app to generate sales and money.

If you’re selling physical products, follow their lead and adapt their strategies to your application.

70% of the company’s total sales are generated via mobile devices. Two-thirds of these sales are directly generated by their app. They do it by using their app.

Each month, this app is downloaded by between 150,000 and 200,000 people. 57% are repeat customers.

You can achieve success when you are able to simultaneously focus on customer retention and customer acquisition.

Touch of Modern is so successful because of its checkout flow.

You can create a profile by downloading the app. This will securely store your information.

This allows customers to shop immediately after opening the app.

They are simple to navigate. Customers can quickly search for and scroll through the items that interest them.

When they find something they are interested in, they can click the link to find more information.

A detailed description and a larger photo will be displayed to the user.

With just one click, readers can add the content to their shopping basket if they like what they’ve seen and read.

After placing the product in their cart, customers can click one button to check out.

That’s it.

It takes just three steps to use the app and complete the purchase and shopping process.

You will experience far less friction when you shop on a mobile site.

Touch of Modern can also communicate with customers via the mobile app.

You will receive notifications from them with daily discounts and offers to encourage you to buy more.

This strategy ultimately works.

You can increase your revenue by building a mobile application if you sell products on your website or mobile site.

Monetization Methods for Apps Free vs. Paid Apps (Free App Monetization Strategy).

You should also consider whether users will be charged to download your app.

In general, you will generate more revenue per download.

While it might seem appealing to make some upfront profits, you may lose customers if you have to charge them.

90% of Apps on the Apple App Store offer a free service. You can make money by downloading free apps

This doesn’t mean that you have to take that route.

Paid apps are an excellent way to build loyalty. It is possible to get more loyal customers if they will pay for the installation and then continue using it.

It’s best to give your app away if your brand has established retail channels and customers (like Touch of Modern).

People download these apps to save money, get discounts, and not just to shop.

Be aware that your app may also be in competition.

Customers see that they can find something comparable and possibly better for free rather than having to pay to download yours.

Other revenue channels can be found if an app is offered for free. 

Free apps may result in more downloads but less engagement. They don’t have to pay anything if they don’t. They might download your app, test it once, and then stop using it.

They may seem discouraging but you should not look at them that way.

It’s free to let users download your app, but they won’t use it.

You may prefer active users but it is not going to cause any harm to your company.

If you’re unsure about whether or not to release an app for free, I would recommend that you download it free of charge.

You will have a higher chance of downloading more. Additionally, you can make money by selling other products.


You can make money with free apps. The freemium model is very popular with startups and gaming applications. You can use this model to create app revenue by allowing your free version to have banner ads, display ads, and pop-ups. Top advertisers will pay a monthly sponsorship fee to make you money.

You can also purchase paid versions of the app that include premium features like removing ads from mobile phones. The user experience is better with an ad-free app.

The most popular apps make money by selling premium content. Other apps have two versions: one for free and one for paying.

Subscription Models

Subscriptions and upgrades are another way to earn money from a free application. Subscribers can generate recurring revenue.

Here’s where premium subscriptions come in.

To have unlimited likes, users can upgrade to their accounts.

Upgraded subscriptions include additional features such as location changes, rewinds, or an experience that is free of advertisements.

The same pricing strategy can be applied to your application. Users can download and use the app free of charge, but users who pay for it will get the best features.


Another popular strategy for monetization is to display in-app advertising. This is one way to make money immediately from an app.

Unless you have affiliate partners, displaying your ads via a third-party network is the best option. You’ll receive compensation for your efforts from this ad network.

Your agreement with the network will determine the exact monetization method. A fixed fee is paid for ads that are viewed based on their views. Sometimes, you might get a higher payout if someone clicks the ads or does an action that is related to the ads.

There are four main types, interstitial, banner, in-app video, native, and native mobile ads.

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