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Creative Writing Jobs – How to Make More Money

Are you an expert in creative writing? You can make money if your passion is wordsmithing, and you enjoy the process of developing an idea.

While it may sound like a pipe dream to many, thousands of authors do it every single day. All you need is the right resources as well as an understanding of where your strengths lie.

Perhaps your dialogue is quick and easy to use in video games. You might be a poet whose verse is ideal for greeting card companies. This article will help guide you to your perfect Creative Writing match.

Creative Writing Jobs

You should think about what you love best about creative fiction. What fiction or nonfiction are you more interested in? Maybe you love movies and want to create memorable dialogue that people will be able to quote.

Whatever your problem, there is a way to make them pay.


People who love to write but want to avoid the spotlight can find ghostwriting a rewarding career. Ghostwriters take someone’s idea, turn it into a work of art, and then give it to the client for publication under their name.

Some clients give detailed notes or outlines to their ghostwriters, and the writer will complete it. In other cases, the writer receives only the idea of what the client wants and has no control over the final product.

Reedsy is a platform that connects clients with freelancers and ghostwriters. According to Reedsy’s reports, $70,000 per project can be made by a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting Opportunities

Ghostwriting gigs are available to all genres of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Public figures and celebrities often hire ghostwriters to help them write memoirs. Business moguls often hire ghostwriters for how-tos such as The Art of the Deal.

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If fiction is your favorite genre, you are in good company. Fiction writing is growing in popularity, as aspiring authors are able to easily place calls for writers online.

How to Find Work

Writing experience is a plus. You can reach out to authors via an agency or ghostwriting services. Gotham Ghostwriters takes inquiries.

Ghostwriters need to network as many professionals and authors will only work with someone they know. Get to know people in your area and see if there are interested in publishing books. You don’t have to be timid about starting small. Downloadable e-books work well.

These early projects make excellent samples for larger clients. Even if ghostwriting is not something you are interested in, don’t be discouraged. Self-publishing your book on Amazon or another similar platform is a great way to gain experience, especially if it’s something you know well.

Video Game Writing

For those who enjoy dialogue, character, and story-based games, game writing can be a great career. There are many new role-playing games every month. Each game includes dialogue that the writer must create.

You need to have a solid understanding of fiction writing and intimate knowledge of the structure of video games in order to become a successful writer. You can get a feel for style by playing role-playing games such as World of Warcraft.

You can also work on building your writing portfolio. A great way to demonstrate to developers that your writing skills are strong is by publishing flash fiction.

Playable content is essential, too. Story-based games can be created with no programming experience Twine is open-source gaming software. Twine lets you create an interactive story that can be shared with developers.

Once you are confident, you can search for game-writing jobs. Some are posted to Glassdoor and Truly. However, developers have many more options. Networking is everything in the video game world.

Script Writing

Video content is ubiquitous and only getting more popular. In 2019, the average person spent 6 hours and 48 mins streaming online video. In 2021, this number had increased to 16 hours a week.

You can find videos on every topic you could imagine. A recent Indeed search revealed script writer job openings for:

  • Video courses
  • YouTube series
  • Educational content
  • Comedy videos
  • Videos to explain product and service

As well as creating corporate videos, writers can contribute to them. Organizations can hire remote and freelance writers to create training materials, videos for PR, and other video content. These videos come in multiple formats.

Maybe film and television writing is your preferred style. This area of scriptwriting can be hard to break into but it is possible.

If you have a script that is ready to go, submit it to the Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Competition. Keep an eye on gig boards like ISA Screenwriting Gigs.

Creative Writing Jobs

Writing can be a challenging field, especially if you are not experienced. Job boards frequently list required experience. Potential clients will want to see examples of your past work.

One-off gigs for smaller clients are the best way to overcome this obstacle. You will find plenty of opportunities on major freelance sites like Upwork, and Freelancer.

Upwork has many opportunities for creative writers with all levels of skill. All the types of writers mentioned in this article are available on Upwork at all times. They range from romantic ghostwriting up to Copyediting.

Upwork doesn’t allow everyone to submit a profile. Take the time to create a quality profile, which will highlight your different writing styles.

Once you have registered with Upwork, your profile will be accepted and you can start bidding for creative writing jobs. You may need to start out with low-paying gigs, but Upwork allows you to grow your skills and get experience.

Upwork has an excellent feature called the Project Catalog. Here you can post specific types of work with specified parameters. Potential clients will be able to search for the projects you have posted and can hire you directly.

If you have specific writing goals, the Project Catalog will be especially useful. These videogame developers offer custom narratives, world-building, and unique characters.


Freelancer operates in the same manner as Upwork, but at a smaller scale. There are many opportunities for creative writers and editors. Because the search function is not as refined as Upwork, you may need to filter through some unrelated postings before you find what you’re looking for.

You can also create and upload a profile through Freelancer so that clients have access to it. You can specify your rates and what projects you’re interested in. Do not skip this step if your goal is to quickly get experience.

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