Crypto Mining without investing on Hardware

Crypto Mining without investing on hardware – MineDollars

Ethereum and nine other cryptocurrency can be mined with Minedollars without the need to purchase any mining equipment for crypto. It is a cloud-based mining platform which you require the mining contract in the specified amount of 10 to $20,000. Ethereum contract is $100 for a 3-day contract with the rate of $6 profit.

There is no need to purchase or have your own mining equipment since it is invested in by the firm’s GPUs as well as ASICs that are used in mining cryptocurrency. Customers are able to upgrade contracts or buy additional. They are able to choose the cryptocurrency mining contract according to the amount of investment (different contracts have different amount of investment) and the amount of crypto they want that they want to mine and the duration of the contract.

MineDollars Features:

  • From a single day to several months of contract length.
  • Purchase mining contracts with cryptocurrency. Pay out profits to cryptocurrency wallets within one hour after the earnings have reached at least $100.
  • More than 320,000 users, covering more than 100 countries, and has handled more than one million transactions.

MineDollars Fees

Ethereum 0.004 Ethereum
USDTether-TRC20, it’s 1.01 USDTether.
Bitcoin 0.0004 BTC.

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