Whether you are new here or an experienced Surface Pattern Designer, this blog provides a quick overview of the four possible ways to make money.

There are four main categories. We’ve listed them here to give you an overview of the possibilities in Surface Design.


#1- Licensing

Licensing has become a popular option for artists looking to bring their artwork into the world. The basics of licensing are that you create many designs and choose the market where they will sell best. After that, you can contact licensed companies.

One reason licensing is so appealing is that your designs can be licensed in multiple industries and multiple countries. In return, you get paid licensing fees from many companies.

An example will be used to clarify. In general, licensees get paid anywhere from 3% to 8 percent of sales at retail or wholesale. A series of designs can be taken and licensed to a company for kitchenware. This company will have a contract that allows them to only sell that design on kitchenware.

If you feel that the same designs would look great on area Rugs, you can contact a company that sells them to be licensed. The license will allow them to use the same designs only on Area Rugs.

You can also ensure that your contract does not state that companies like the ones I mentioned can only sell in America. If you are unable to find a European houseware business that will pay you a licensing payment, you may be able to take your designs and sell them in Europe.

You need to make sure that you have a lawyer to help you set up your contract properly. This will ensure that you achieve the stunning snowball effect in which the same designs are sold across multiple industries in different territories. This is a great way to make money, which is why licensing is so appealing.

#2- Direct Selling

Direct selling refers to purchasing products with your designs that are very popular and then selling them to the public directly through your website or at craft fairs, local shows, and perhaps in local retail stores.

This is an excellent way to connect with consumers directly. You can ask what they want and what they need.

Direct selling offers the advantage of not only collecting feedback but also the ability to curate your customer’s purchase experience in creative, yet easy ways. This includes packaging items such as bags, boxes, and tissue paper with your logo on them.

A beautiful box with your logo on it or a bag filled with tissue paper featuring your logo could be a great way to package your product.

You get free advertising when your customers leave the shop with your products in it.

#3-Indirect Selling

Indirect sales, also known as passive income is when you upload your designs to third parties. They are usually called print-on-demand companies. These websites allow you to open an online shop.

You can see a variety of designers and creatives on society6. The process is simple: create your free shop, upload the designs, select the products you think they will look good on, and publish them.

Society6, for example, will take care of customer service, shipping, and handling, as well as printing in small quantities. It is an amazing industry.

Your shop will still need your attention. It is also important to promote your shop to family, friends, and the online creative community.

You get a commission for every sale. You do not have any control over the purchase process. A commission is earned when someone purchases something they like.

#4 – Workshops, Digital Courses

Online workshops, in-person workshops, as well as digital courses offer a variety of options for creative entrepreneurs.

If you used to give in-person workshops, it would be a good idea to record a video series showing you doing the exact same thing. You could then sell the videos online as a workshop and charge money. This way, anyone around the world could benefit from what you are teaching.

This allows you to reach far beyond your local area and make a bigger impact by teaching what you love.

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