6 Ways to Make Side Income for Developers and Designers

This article will be helpful to both new and experienced developers as well as designers who wish to improve their financial situation. Although having a stable job that pays well is great, you could be fired at any time. The pandemic is a perfect example of why it is important to have a financial cushion as well as additional income streams.

Start your own side project and you can make it your core business. These projects can sometimes become the work for a lifetime.

Each of the methods in this article is practical and has been proven. Some of the methods are tried and tested by us. Some of these can be done quickly while others will require you to put in a lot more time. All of these options can be achieved if you have a strong belief that your contribution is worth it. The most important thing in life is creating value.

Make Side Income for Developers and Designers

Your market analysis skills

Begin by listing all of your skills. You should identify what your strengths are and what areas need improvement. Be honest with yourself. This list will help guide you in deciding what you should be focusing on and what to skip. Not only will you need the skills, but also the market analysis.

All the problems you solved in recent years should be compiled. It is vital to be able identity what is the most commonly encountered problem, and if anyone else is having the same problem. Look at all kinds of design resources: Dribbble, Behance, Webdesignernews, Reddit. Designers enjoy sharing their knowledge and ideas on these platforms. Along with the usual praise and discussion, there are other questions like “How did it all work?” or “Where do I find this or another item?” These are the questions that you need to be attentive to. You have to design a project that addresses people’s problems and answers their questions.

Finding a niche, and clients

If you want to succeed in a certain business, start narrowing down your niche opportunities. There are new opportunities in small markets around the successful applications of today’s technology. Set product is one example. We create design systems for clients who work with Figma.

If you are passionate about creating websites, then you might be interested in creating landing pages for different coffee shops, medical centers, beauty salons, and personal fitness instructors. You could also focus on creating Android apps. The service market is diverse and offers many opportunities to find your niche and make some good money.

Creating a website

After you have identified your strengths and niche, you should create a portfolio site or personal blog. This will affect your reputation as a specialist and brand. You don’t need to be developers. There are many different platforms and builders for no-code, such as Tilda, WordPress Wix Webflow, Wix, and WordPress.

Setproductitself can be based on Tilda. This platform is ideal for building a website. It’s simple to use and integrates with many eCommerce services (and not with them all). The page loading speed is also high.


Self-promotion can help you find customers. This is possible without spending a lot of money. You can promote yourself on resources like Behance or Pinterest as well as Facebook and Instagram, and LinkedIn. Post now to increase your reach and promote your products. It is a good idea to start, even though you may have been skeptical about some of these resources.

Self Analysis (as in the analysis of your work, metrics)

Continuous improvement is key to success and staying afloat. Your website’s analytics and social media profiles will be important. It is important to examine the shots and other works that you have on your website. You will also need to know which Dribbble shots were downloaded and most liked. You can see which pins from Pinterest are most popular and related.

Creating digital products

If you are a UI / UX design professional, then create design systems, UI tools, templates, presentations, or icons. 

A graphic designer can create 3D graphics such as fonts, logos, or brushes.

Developers are able to create themes and templates that can be used on WordPress, Bootstrap, or other platforms.

All of these products can be bought on many marketplaces such as UI8, Envato, or Creative Market.

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