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Drop Shipping Social Forum Communities

Social forum communities

1. Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest social media news aggregater. It is described as the primary page on the internet, and is incredibly influential. Reddit is home to many thousands of “subreddits,” which are sub-sections or niches which focus on different subjects and topics of interest. Within these subreddits, you’ll find lots of ideas to develop your next product as well as business plan.

If you’ve got an idea for a specific sector, niche or product type It’s worth conducting some research and finding an appropriate subreddit community to join and be a member of.

There are also a lot of product-oriented subreddits with a wealth of ideas.

Here are two examples:

If you’re on Reddit and pay attention at times, you may find interesting posts such as this one, which invites readers to share their favorite buys for less than $50.

Whatever method you choose, Reddit has been and remains a great source of business ideas and inspiration, as well as an amazing and supportive community.

2. Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer community site–“A platform to learn and exchange knowledge,” as the company claims. In essence, users visit Quora to post and reply to questions on pretty much everything and everything.

Like Reddit’s subreddits Quora provides topics you can include in your personal feed. Think about adding some related to industry or product feeds, or anything else that is inspired by online businesses.

Quora will also show the topics and questions that are in the news, and also an estimate for the overall number of responses (each with a certain number of down votes and up vote from members of the public).

Forums for niches and industry

Based on the type of industry you’re in, there might be niche forums which you can use for products to market. Gaming is one area with a vibrant online community. You can look into forums like GameFAQs or NeoGAF.

Here are some other websites for industry forums that can help you with niche products:

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