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Drop Shipping Social Media Networks & Crowdsourcing

Social media networks

There are several ways you can utilize social media platforms to look for specific ideas and products.


Hashtag. If you have an interest in particular sector or category of product You can search for hashtags that are relevant to the topic. Another alternative is to search on social networks for hashtags that signal the buyer’s interest and intentions like #want or #buy.

Accounts for curation of products. 

Accounts for curation of products. There are many accounts on Instagram which post curation of product content. As with the other examples mentioned in this article, you’ll be looking to locate accounts that are in the specific niches that you’re interested in.

Auditory insights

Auditory insights. If you already have a page for your business through one of the social networks, then you might be able to utilize the information from your customers to discover E-commerce business ideas. Find out what pages, hobbies, interests as well as other features they have in common and then brainstorm ideas that are based on these information.


Instagram isn’t just about pictures of dogs and food. It’s an excellent source of inspiration for business concepts for products and e-commerce. Since it’s a photo-based platform it’s easy to go through a variety of ideas and images quickly.


Facebook remains the platform with one of the largest number of active users of all social media platforms. If there’s a target market you’re trying to connect with you’re likely to find them on Facebook.

Additionally, hashtags and trending topics, and pages that are popular look up the most popular Facebook groups within your field. Dawn LaFontaine, founder of Cat in the Box is a member and interacts with people in Facebook groups that are relevant to her field of expertise cat lovers. Dawn declares, “One of these pages named Purrtacular has a large and active fan base..

“Cat people everywhere share not just cute photos of their pets, but also ask questions that are insightful about their health and their behavior. The answers to these questions, and the questions from the group members, usually offer a glimpse into the kind of challenges pet owners face.” These issues are the reason Dawn receives ideas for products for her store on the internet.


The average amount of sales that are made through Pinterest is greater than that of any other network. This means it is a sign that Pinterest users are surfing as well as shopping and buying which makes it a great location to look up the latest trends and products. Another popular visual platform that is simple to explore and discover inspiration for e-commerce business concepts.


Ideal for a younger audience, Snapchat admittedly has more than it can offer in terms of finding trends. Utilize the Discover feature to see how is the Snapchat community is discussing and follow influential people in your area to gain understanding of their needs and motives.


Trends on Twitter can be useful in identifying new business concepts. You’ll be able see what’s trending in your own network or in a specific location. These trends will be displayed in the left-hand column when you sign in to twitter.com or click on an Explore option when you’re using the mobile application.


The app for short videos was announced in 2021 that it had exceeded the one million users in the year and had become one of the most downloaded application in 2020. TikTok is known for its dance challenges, viral moments and also a platform for sellers to increase awareness of their products. TikTok offers a variety of the latest images, sounds, memes and challenges. There’s never a shortage of new products ideas.

Niche social media sites

If you’re in search of specific product ideas Social media websites dedicated to hobbies and related subjects can also provide insight into the latest product concepts.

2. Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing operates in the same way like surveying, but when it comes to crowdsourcing you’re asking for suggestions more openly. Lego Ideas is an excellent example of a brand which relies on crowdsourcing to come up with innovative product concepts to market.

Consumers can share their concepts for Lego sets. The website also has a variety of some of the most successful and popular concepts. You can create your own crowdsourced ideas , or take a look at these hubs for ideas.

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