Make Money online for writing on Family and Parenting topics

Earn Money for writing on Family, Parenting and Health topics

Are you tired of writing for pennies (or peanuts or whatever is the cliche you use to describe low-paying work that you enjoy) and do you want to learn how to earn cash online?

We’re not too happy about it either. This is why we review our list of sites which pay regularly.

Below is the updated and enhanced list of freelance writing websites that will pay at least $50 for writing on Family, Parenting, and Health topics.

Earn money for writing on Family & Parenting

  1. Babble will pay between $100 and $150 for posts about parenting, entertainment and beauty, pregnancy food, travel, and more. (NOTE that Babble’s writing guidelines for writers are no longer readily available. You might have do some digging to locate contact information to editors.)
  2. The Just Parents is a British-based website that is focused on parenting and pregnancy. They are paid $60 per article.
  3. posts non-snarky content on parenting and family concerns. Starts at $50.
  4. Fatherly is seeking parenting advice and humorous experiences with children from a dad’s point of view. Pay is based on the assignment.
  5. Stork Handbook concentrates on parenting and pregnancy of toddlers and newborns. They will pay you $50 or more per post.
  6. Well Family (the New York Times parenting blog) offers $100. Pitch an editor.

Make Money for writing on Health

  1. The Anxiety Foundation pays $50 for articles on mental health.
  2. The Atlantic’s online health section pay $200.
  3. PsychCentral covers mental health. There isn’t any pay rates on their website and didn’t answer my question regarding pay, however someone on their the list from last year claimed they have a pay market. (Update 12/2016: Their website states they don’t pay however, they will make exceptions when you talk about payment prior to making a submission.[]

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