Make money online for Writing on Lifestyle and General topics

Earn Money for writing on General interest and Lifestyle

Are you bored of having to write to earn pennies (or peanuts, or whatever is the cliche you use to describe low-paying work that you like) and are you eager to find out how to make cash online?

We’re sick of it too. This is why we regularly update our list of websites which pay regularly.

Below is the most recent and improved versions of year 2022 making a Living Writing’s list of websites for freelance writers that offer at least $50 per each piece of content.

General Interest and Lifestyle

  1. BBC Britain does not publish their salary, but I’ve read reports of between $350-$1,000 on various BBC websites. Tell stories that have an British perspective to appeal to an audience that is international.
  2. The Bitch magazine website is paid for pop-culture features. Pay rates are variable and therefore you must negotiate to obtain the rate you want.
  3. BookBrowse offers book reviews for reviewers! Writers who are accepted into their team of reviewers will be paid $50 for their 600-word reviews.
  4. Adoptive Family accepts pitching regarding every aspect to the adoptive process. Pay is based on the assignments.
  5. The Daily Beast reportedly pays $250 and more. Their submission guidelines include an editorial@ black-hole email address, which means you’ll need to conduct a bit of research to find the correct person to submit your pitch.
  6. The Backpacker is focused on hiking in the wilderness. Pay is contingent on the assignment.
  7. getAbstract is reported to pay $300 for more (2,000-4,000 word) summary of books.
  8. Gothamist will pay between $50 and $150 for written articles about New York.
  9. Backstage is a site for performers. It pays $0.14/word pitch Briana Rodriguez, Editor-in Chief, on LinkedIn..
  10. The International Wine Accessories blog offers up to $50 for content.
  11. Knitty has increased their prices to $120-$200 for content on knit and crochet patterns. The site also has a sister website Knittyspin, a site for knitters who want to knit with handspun yarn.
  12. Lifezette offers $100-$200 for stories on the politics of parenting, religion as well as health and pop culture. Send an email to the editor responsible to discuss your idea.
  13. Listverse offers $100 for long (1,500 words) lists of various subjects.
  14. New York Observer will pay $100 for articles on the arts and culture to “sophisticated urban professionals’ readers.”
  15. OZY does pay freelancers, but rates vary.
  16. Paste offers up to $50 for submissions to numerous areas.
  17. Playboy. Com can pay up to $350 subject to the type of item . Note: Playboy has removed their editorial contact page.
  18. Pretty Design covers beauty and fashion. It is necessary to negotiate per-post compensation.
  19. Refinery29 is reported to pay $75 or more for articles, slideshows, and essays on a variety of topics. They also announce their requirements to cover specific topics on their guideline page.
  20. Salon will pay between $100 and $200 for essays and features that are reported even extremely long ones.
  21. Smithsonian Magazine Online is reported to pay established freelancers up to $600 per written pieces.
  22. The Tablet offers a fee for content on Jewish news ideas, culture, and ideas. The pay varies depending on the article, so you must be ready to bargain. I have read reports of $1,000 for a highly reported feature of 2,000+ words.
  23. TwoPlusTwo The magazine offers $200 for original articles on poker. They publish articles for six months after when the rights will be returned to the author, meaning you are able to sell rights to reprint or put it up to your personal blog.
  24. Upworthy offers $150-$200 for 500-word blog posts.
  25. Vice‘s pay rates are different and you’ll need to negotiate to write about technology, food fashion, music and various other topics related to lifestyle.
  26. YourTango offers $50 for articles on sex, love travel, mental health and everything other thing that can affect your relationships.

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