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How Can I Earn Money by Grant Writing?

The first thing you need to be aware of if you haven’t is that we believe that working for yourself is essential to allow your grant writing career to take off. We are convinced of this, particularly in the case of those with very little or no experience in grant writing since we will teach you how to. There is no need for a master’s degree! After you’ve acquired some experience in freelance work There are a variety of options for you to pursue. We’ll discuss the most popular job options for a grant writer in the following section.

Grant Writing Jobs

If the possibility to work from any location with internet access sounds too amazing to be true but it’s not. We promise. A career in grant writing could help you achieve that goal. You can, without doubt, succeed in your career in grant writing all while working remotely for the majority of the time.

Full-Time Grant Writer

After you have completed your grant writing education and with some work as a freelancer to your name You are now well-positioned to pursue a full-time job. Based on your previous experiences, the job titles that are suitable for you include nonprofit leader, executive director development manager, grant writer, and so on.

The reason is that since you put in the effort to invest in your expertise, sought out customers, and delivered stunning deliverables, you’re now able to apply for the positions you want to fill.

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Full-Time Consulting

It is possible that you like writing grant proposals for freelancers to the point that you’d like to full-time work as a consultant. You may decide to create an organization, become detailed about the clients you are working with, and establish systems to ensure your business runs efficiently, and then continue to grow.

Side Gig Freelancing/Consultancy

It’s likely that freelance grant writing as an additional source of your main income is totally satisfying for you. You are able to continue working in this manner. Maybe you’re retired and looking for something worthwhile to do. Many people view grant writing as a valuable technique to contribute to their local food bank as a volunteer or simply earn some extra money in retirement.

How do get Clients as Consultants?

The idea of securing clients as a consultant or freelancers, in the beginning, can be overwhelming. We’ve devised a strategy to ease the stress and gain clients. These eight suggestions will assist you to expand your business and expand opportunities as a grant writer.

Define Your Niche

Whatever is your passion you are passionate about, make sure to build your business of grant writing around the subject. Whatever fires you whether it’s renewable energy or infrastructure, social justice, or animal rights, focus on attracting those clients.


You should make a list of about 15 organizations that you would love to work with or be an existing client. Send them an open email. Once you have scheduled the meeting, make your list of questions you’d like to ask the company. Questions such as “How do you get grants? What is the amount you are looking to raise this year? What is working well for your organization when it comes to granting writing? What don’t?”

After your interview, you’ll be able to have a more understanding of typical pain points. This will enable you to offer solutions to the problems that your prospective clients may be facing.

Create Rockstar Expertise for Grant Programs with 1-2 Grants

If you become an expert in just grants, it will make it easier to reach out to potential clients and present them with exciting opportunities.

Set up a professional Email

This will make people see your professional image as a reflection of who you are. It is also possible to set up your grant writing business to be it is a Google business. It’s normal to see people search “grant writers in my area” and when you set yourself up as a Google firm, Google will then send people to you.

Look for Return Clients

If you are working with clients, ask yourself what you’d like to do if you could be working with them for 5 years. If you do, awesome. If not, that client might have no value to you. If you have the chance you can sign an annual deal with a customer that you are passionate about then go for it. Although Request for Proposals (RFPs) or Requests for Qualifications (RFQs) are laborious, once you have the $50,000 contract you’ve been working on throughout the duration of the year, it’s worth it.

Value your time

Let’s say that your work time is worth $100 per hour. If you’re going to an event in marketing, and it takes three hours in total (commuting to the event, getting leads to follow up and attending the luncheon, and more.) you’ve spent a minimum of $300. Do you think you can get back that amount at that cost? It depends. What number of leads or connections did you get from the luncheon? If you’re a person who values your time, you’ll quit doing business development efforts that do not bring you the clients you’re hoping for.

Increase Your Business’s Profitability by Increasing Your Team

When you can afford it take advantage of it. For instance we students will work together to work on an artist’s project or serve as one another’s high-quality reviewers or proofreaders. Based on my personal experiences employing an editor is practically always worth the cost. Editors can spot things you didn’t and can ask questions you did not realize that you needed to ask. You will increase your chances to be successful in projects when you work together as a team.

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