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How to Earn Money by Gaming: 7 Methods

Although you can make money from video games, it’s not easy. Here are a few options, the best way to decide if they’re the right choice for you, and some tips for starting.Today there is a way to earn money through taking part in online games. However, playing video games is a difficult task.

A lot of people who choose this path end up giving up after several years (or months) because the job aspect takes away the enjoyment in playing games. Instead of turning the things they enjoy into a profession many end up degrading their passions. It’s also risky because of the competitive market. Every time a success story is reported there are hundreds who have tried but did not succeed.

The idea of earning your income solely through playing games isn’t an option unless you’re single, young and ready to invest a long time knowing that all this could be in vain. It’s definitely feasible!

There are a variety of ways to earn money engaging in video game.

1. Pay to Live Stream

Anyone can stream their game in real-time to the public to watch. Try to create a huge audience (which you can profit from by advertising) and a dedicated following (to earn money from subscriptions and donations). The largest streaming platform is Twitch however YouTube could also serve as an alternative.

The reason it’s difficult to earn money by streaming

It can take a long period of time to develop a live streaming audience. It’s unlikely that you’ll break the threshold of 10 concurrent viewers for a few weeks, or you might not have 100 viewers per day for a long time. In reality, the majority of streamers don’t reach that level. And to make a living from streaming games on video, you’ll need hundreds of viewers regularly.

The streaming world is saturated. Why should anyone listen to your stream when they have so many other popular streams to stream? This is the most difficult part. You can stand out with your unique style of humor or personality by playing at a high level or by playing games that no one other person is.

Getting Started

Fortunately, the bar to streaming is fairly low. All you require is a high-quality PC, a game that people want to see and a person who is fun along with streaming applications. Be sure that your upload speed is sufficient to handle streaming, as well as the sport you’re enjoying.

To play PC games, we’ve taken you through the steps to start using Streamlabs OBS which is an excellent alternative for beginners. If you’re playing with consoles you’ll need an external capture card. This costs extra.

2. Have a go at Games Journalism

Do you want to be a writer? Join an existing website or create your own site and begin writing reviews, news and even interviews on a particular game or genre or. If you are writing for an existing website you could be paid on a per-article basis freelancer. If you are starting your own website you can make money from your visitors with advertisements, Patreon subscriptions, or similar.

How difficult it is to make Money Writing

Like all kinds of journalism games journalism is competitive. Many people would like to report on games to earn money! If you’re writing for a site already in existence it’s likely that you’ll need to earn little or nothing as you create a portfolio and prove your expertise. If you decide to create your own website it will take years to create an audience which you’ll make enough money to sustain yourself.Journalism can be a demanding profession. In order to write news stories you’ll have to connect with a myriad of sources at all times to find out what the newsmakers are able to. Interviews and reviews require considerable time to complete. Writing every day is an immense stress on your the mental capacity.

Getting Started

Find open positions on medium-sized gaming sites. Don’t bother with the major gaming websites such as IGN for the moment and stay away from companies that do not have a readership. You should have writing samples available. Make sure you submit the request (with writing samples) and pray for the most favorable results. If there isn’t any prior writing experience, you might want to volunteering to write for smaller websites at first.

We wouldn’t suggest launching your own game journalism website until you’ve had a few years of writing experience with an established website. Writing every day and night is enough work. managing a website to top it all off? This is a whole new level of effort and could easily result in exhaustion.

3. Create video game guides and Tutorials

Many people who are new to specific games enjoy studying guides, particularly for players-versus-player (PvP) games. There’s an opportunity to earn money through providing information that people would like to understand.

There are a variety of routes for game guides, including developing a website to publish writing guides or uploading videos to YouTube and publishing them in ebook format. The latter two options are typically commercialized through donations and/or ads while the ebook route is a way to earn revenue from sales.

How difficult is it to earn Money through Guides

Anyone can create a guide. To earn income from it, must create guides for games that are popular. However, the more well-known the game, the greater competition you’ll come against. To differentiate your guides it is essential to provide greater insight than the others offer, which will mean spending a lot of time and positioning yourself for success as an authority.Additionally it is essential to have excellent writing abilities. Guides should be comprehensive and thorough however, they must also be entertaining and understandable. The ability to format is essential regardless of whether you’re publishing eBooks, or writing content to be published on the internet.

As an example, GameFAQs has an “Bounty Program” which awards you cash in exchange for being the first person to create a complete walkthrough for a particular title. The majority of guides will pay you minimum $200, which is great. But when you take into account the time you’ll spend studying the game and explaining every element of it, then you’ll earn far lower than the minimum wage for an hour.

Getting Started

Find a game with a lot of popularity find out what players are struggling with, and learn the details of the issue, and then show others how to solve the issue themselves.

For massively multiplayer on-line role-playing game (MMORPGs) Try to find gold guides, guides to leveling, as well as raid guidebooks. For PvP games such as Overwatch or Valorant look for construct guides and mechanics guides. For single-player games, you’ll likely have the greatest satisfaction with guides that are focused on things like earning an achievement or a trophy.4. You can host the Gaming Podcast or YouTube Channel

Do you have a lot to say? Create a weekly, daily or monthly program focused on gaming. It could be a roundtable discussion based on opinions or a series of interviews with famous gamers, tips and tricks to play a particular game, or something else you find intriguing.

How to make money from gaming Shows is challenging

You’ll need to create an impressive audience before you make any profit. Your show should be engaging enough to draw people into. If the show is boring, weak or lacks production quality or is unbalanced the show will not be successful.

In a sense, this is a mix between guides (#3) as well as live streaming (#1). You require the expertise and experience of a guide’s author as well as the dedication and charisma of streaming.

The good thing is that podcasts don’t have to be as extensive as a book or your persona does not have to be more distinct than streaming. It is possible to create a channel dedicated to news on gaming in particular genres such as.

5. Participate in Gaming Tournaments and win Sponsorships

Tournaments are the norm for PvP games like fighting games. Naturally, the more well-known the game, the bigger the prize pool becomes. If you’re competent enough join an esports club it is possible to earn a decent income from sponsorships and winnings. The majority of competitive gamers also benefit from streaming live (#1) to earn additional money.

The reason it’s difficult to make Money through Video Game Tournaments

It isn’t everyone who has the ability to be successful. You could be a world-class player, but still be lost early in a tournament , and go home with no winnings. Even if you do earn some money, it will not be enough to pay for accommodation and travel. If you’re not consistently on top of the list, you should not worry about living off profits.

In addition, the esports market is still young. Even if you get an opportunity on a prestigious team however, the “salary” may be lower than the minimum wage. The field is filled with fraudsters and con artists who prey upon innocent gamers. Reports of players not being paid the amount they were promised have come on occasion.Getting Started

Find a well-known PvP game that has a lot of tournaments and a lot of demand from esports associations. Practice to practice, practice, and then continue to practice. When you’re getting better connect with other professionals to make your name known on the market. Start small by participating in local tournaments in popular games such as Super Smash Bros. or CS:GO.

If you’re honest is the best way to have more chances of success (and make more money) in pursuing a career as a non-competitive streaming artist. This way, viewers will still be interested in your work even in the event that you’re not at the top.

6. Earn money to Test Games

The games go through different stages of development before being released. When they are near the completion of their game, developers require external players to test and evaluate their game with fresh eyes. As a playtester your task is to go over the information the developer asks you to examine that includes identifying and logging bugs, as well as other problems.

How difficult is it to make a living by playing Games

Nowadays, it’s not too difficult to become a tester but it is a boring work. Being a tester in a manner that you deliberately break the rules becomes tedious quickly especially when you need to constantly check the same spots after each game’s revision.The wages aren’t the best (on equal to the minimum wage, or a little better than the minimal wage). Also, unless you are able to secure an internal job at an established game development company, the majority of job testing jobs involve mobile game development that aren’t as thrilling as full-blown PC and console releases.

Getting Started

To test your playability on demand consider services such as PlaytestCloud, BetaFamily as well as BetaTesting. Being an internal tester in the company can be more challenging. You’ll need to search job boards, search firms for openings and submit applications and then hope for the most favorable. Finding indie studios near you could be a good method to gain entry into the studio’s door.

7. Digital Items or Sell Accounts

If you’ve played long enough playing a few games, you may be in a position to “flip” accounts or even in-game objects to another player. For instance you could sell some Steam trading cards you’ve earned through engaging in games to people who would like to buy these cards. While you’re not likely to make massive cash through this, you may be able to make enough money to cover the cost of your next game.

There is also the possibility be able to offer your accounts. For instance for instance, in Overwatch it is common to having the “smurf” account (a additional account placed lower than the player’s actual level) is widespread. Because you have to reach the same level in order to play Competitive games those who wish to smurf may decide to purchase an account in order to save their time. 

A player could also be willing to pay for you to improve their account’s score when you’re more proficient than them.There are other methods to think of creative ways to do this for example, you could make use of sites such as Fiverr to offer “gaming products” to those that are looking. Perhaps someone is looking for someone to share the space to play with over an hour and is willing to be willing to pay for it.

Additional methods to play games.

Are you looking to earn money playing online games while you’re at home , on your sofa or at the beach, in a relaxing café, or just about anywhere with WiFi?

Relax, unwind and browse our top cash-making apps to earn cash for free playing your most loved games at you at home!

Stream on Twitch

Twitch is an online streaming platform where millions of users gather every day live to interact, chat and share their experiences. Twitch is a part of Amazon and is the top live video streaming service.

The service is primarily intended for streaming video games either live, or for broadcasting games that have been recorded. 

Apps that pay

You have a variety of options to begin earning cash-back rewards using all these money-making apps!

We’ve provided you with the top apps and free games that can help you earn money and enjoying yourself. The greatest part? There’s no limit to the games. You can also try surveysor shopping or scanning receipts, and even stream on Twitch!

What you do to earn this extra income is totally yours to decide. You can choose to try one, or all of them!

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