How to Make Money as a Transcriber

There are many platforms to register as a transcriber. The job pays per hour, and skill development means a higher wage. This is simply listening to audio files and noting down what they’re saying.

The only requirements for this position include listening and typing with a solid understanding of the English dialect and the accent. If you’re proficient in other languages, you could benefit from this position.

After you have been recognized as a transcriber the majority of platforms sign agreements that state that none of the conversations recorded will be made available to anyone. The privacy of the customer is a requirement.

Skill and Equipment Required

Anyone who has a computer is able to begin transcription. Apart from computers, certain equipment is listed on these sites to provide more output, though they aren’t absolutely required for those who are just beginning.

  • Headphones
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Listening skills
  • Good typing abilities

The ability to research skills will help you determine how the clip was made and the source of it

1. QA World

Transcribers are employed as analysts. This is the ideal platform to join since getting accepted to the position of the analyst is most straightforward here. They are looking for people who have good English abilities and access to the internet and a computer.


The payments are made every week through PayPal with a cost of $0.20 for each audio minute. There is an additional bonus if you complete 100 audio minutes in one week.

2. Rev

Rev is an excellent platform for transcribers who are new and have no previous experience. There are more than 60 000 freelance transcribers around the world with many clients like Amazon, Facebook, and Google. It has the potential of an average monthly income of $245 and a maximum monthly income of $1495.

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Prices at Rev begin from $0.30 and go up $1.10 in audio minutes. Payments are made weekly through PayPal.

3. TranscribeMe

They claim to pay more than any other company, TranscribeMe is an excellent work-from-home site. If you want to work as a transcriptionist you need no experience aside from a strong ability to write precisely what is heard according to their guidelines.


The estimated payment is between $15 and $22 per audio hour, with the highest per-month earnings of $2200. The median monthly earnings are $250. Payments can be made anytime through PayPal.

4. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is open to applications around the globe, with no requirement for knowledge. As evidence to prove the identity current image together with an SMS code must be provided. The transcriber may perform as much or as much or as little work as they like.


They can pay as little as $0.6 for each audio minute with PayPal with an average of $150 monthly earnings.

5. Upwork

Upwork is the biggest freelance marketplace around the globe and not including it is criminal. There aren’t any clear-cut rules or guidelines for getting clients who use Upwork for transcription work.


The prices aren’t predetermined. The rates can be influenced by the job, client, and level of experience on the part of freelancers.

Pros of Taking Transcribing to an Employment

The conversations aren’t always clear. The voices are sometimes difficult to discern from background noises and static.

Sometimes, determining the context of a conversation can be difficult.

You should be prepared for extensive research to find out what they are discussing.

It is important to comprehend accents with deep voices that can be difficult.

You’ll be paid in audio minutes, however, the actual amount of time required will be greater and will be based on your typing and listening abilities.

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