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How to Make Money by Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Did you know that there is three times higher number of email accounts than Facebook and Twitter accounts? Also, you’re 6x more likely to receive a click through email than Twitter.

If you’re a smart marketer, you’ve probably seen reports that prove that email is the most effective ROI of all marketing channels that is available. We’re sure you’re eager to begin using emails to increase revenues and sales for your company. 

This guide is a must-read that will guide you through the steps of starting with email marketing. It will also assist you in achieving business success.

Email Marketing Steps

Step 1: Email Marketing Goals

It is tempting to sign up for an email marketing tool such as Campaign Monitor and start sending your first email.

Before jumping headfirst, it’s worth having a moment to think about your purpose and what you want to achieve through email since that will influence the kind of emails that you send out, the people you’re targeting, what contents you send, and the method you use to measure the success.

Email should be a key part of any digital marketing strategy due to its efficacy in promoting conversions and establishing brand loyalty.

The most important thing to do is establish the appropriate objectives for your email marketing program is aligning the goals with your organization’s larger marketing goals and KPIs. Do you want to generate more signups for your product? More leads that you can use for the sales team? Are there more attendees at your event? Increased donations for the cause you are supporting?

Marketing via email is the single most effective way to connect with your target audience. It can be utilized to accomplish many different goals and goals, so you should spend some time contemplating what you would like to achieve before you jump into it.

To help you determine the objectives you should pursue. Here are a few examples of the ways Campaign Monitor customers use email marketing:

BuzzFeed – The renowned site for entertainment and news earns money by selling ads on its site, which is why the primary goal of its advertising team is to generate more visitors to its site. To achieve this, BuzzFeed sends regular email newsletters that contain hyperlinks to articles on their site, with the intention to increase the number of visits every month and grow the revenues they make.

Rip Curl is the world’s leading surfing brand that earns profits through the sales of t-shirts, wetsuits, board shorts, and other products for surfing. Their marketing team is to boost sales, and they employ emails to announce new products that they’re launching to encourage people to visit their stores online or in physical stores to buy those items.

UNICEF The worldwide charity organization that provides assistance and aid to children and mothers in countries in need all over the world. The key to the success of their social media marketing team is donations, therefore they make use of marketing via email to contact their donors, inform of the aid initiatives UNICEF is working on and solicit donations.

SXSW, Inc. This streamlined organization is responsible for organizing several of the most popular events around the globe which includes the SXSW music, film, and interactive festivals that are held each throughout the year in Austin, Texas. Their marketing team is to boost attendance and ticket sales at these events. Therefore, they utilize email marketing to keep customers informed when new performers and speakers are added to the line-up.

You can clearly see in these examples, determining the goals you’d like to accomplish when you send an email before sending it makes it much simpler to determine what you want to send and to whom you should send it. It also helps to create targeted, high-performing email campaigns which will help you achieve your objectives in marketing.

Step 2: Make Your Marketing Email List

After you’ve decided on your goals and what you hope to accomplish through emails, it’s now time to establish your email database so you can begin sending out campaigns that meet and will achieve those goals.

There are many different methods to create your email list however, the best approach for each campaign is dependent on the goals you have set in step 1.

Import a database of known contacts

If you are planning to use email to keep in contact with your existing customers, your email list could be created by importing existing customer details into your preferred software for marketing via email.

To help Campaign Monitor customers, you can either upload your own current file (from your Excel file, for example) or join to connect your Campaign Monitor account to the software where your customer’s data is stored (such as CRM and accounting software, eCommerce tools among hundreds of other tools) and then automatically transfer the customer data to you Campaign Monitor account.

Before you upload any contacts, make sure that you have the right permissions to email them. If you’re not sure, you can check the permissions guidelines and call our customer support team for assistance. They’ll be happy to speak with you regarding permissions as well as adding your contacts to your account.

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