How to Make Money Designing Product in 2022

It’s a rewarding career, and professionals who are passionate about product design make a living doing it. The biggest problem is with the process of learning product design. It’s not an easy skill to acquire. You must spend lots of time practicing, learning, and making mistakes. Once you have mastered it, it will be rewarding.

Product designers can make a lot of money in many different ways. Just follow a certain path and stay on it until you succeed. Let’s examine some of the many ways your product design skills can bring you money.

Search for a job

You can make money as a product designer by getting a job in a company that requires your skills. This is the way most product designers start. The good news about this is that it is very popular with designers. This is because many corporations and businesses require designs and need them in-house.

Working with experienced designers is one advantage of a job in design. As a new designer, it’s best to not go it alone. A job is a better option as you won’t make any mistakes that might be costly for the client.

Go into Freelancing

Freelancing is expected to grow in the United States by 50 percent in 2020. It’s no surprise that designers are among the early adopters of freelancing. Many businesses don’t actually have in-house graphic designers. As such, they seek out freelancers to perform the work.

You have two choices when it comes to freelance work. You have two options. The first is to use freelancing websites like Upwork or Fiver. Other options include obtaining clients directly from other sources. This could be online, offline, or through social media sites such as Dribbble and Behance.

Becoming a Consultant

Designers with the right skills can work as consultants, even though you might not know it. A consultant can have little or no experience. It is a requirement to have extensive experience to become a consultant. No one pays amateurs to provide advice to their company.

There are many possibilities once you reach this level. You have the opportunity to consult with a variety of product design teams who need professional guidance. And, best of all, you’re not actually designing but only giving direction. It is obvious that consulting can make you a lot of money.

Create Your Product

All four of these methods revolve around designing products for others. You might be asking yourself, “Why not create your own products?” After all, you are a product designer.

Some go crazy with merchandise while others gather a team of people to build products that are design-oriented. You must have a solid approach to go to market. Creating products is only part of the equation. Selling it, however, is the most important aspect.

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Create a Design Book

While blogs are the main source of information in this world, we can’t deny the fact books have more information than blogs. If you are an expert in one particular area of design, you can just write a book about it. Unlike in the past when you would need a publisher to get a book to market, Amazon Kindle Publishing allows you to publish your book instantly.

Your book should be worthy of publication elsewhere. Otherwise, it will receive negative reviews. If you don’t want to publish it on Amazon, you may be able to sell the book yourself if your fan base is already established. Marketing is essential here, as there are many other design books. People should know why they should buy your book instead of another.

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