How to Make Money Online as a Proofreader

Yes, absolutely. There are numerous websites seeking experts in writing to assist clients with their writing. Some of them offer very lucrative pay. The amount you can earn in this field is dependent on your level of expertise. Certain jobs can offer up to $50 an hour for editing and reading documents.

Make Money Online as a Proofreader

Here are a few of the most trusted websites where you can earn money to edit and proofread text:


Scribendi is a website that offers proofreading services for resumes, essays, and thesis as well as other kinds of scripts. They hire proofreaders and editors who have good credentials and degrees in related fields. Join their expert team of editors and earn money by using your proficiency in English.
You may opt to work in their office or be an independent freelancer and proofread scripts from the convenience of your own home. 

To be a part of the proofreader team speed of proofreading must be between 1000 and 1500 words an hour. You are able to apply for a job at Scribendi by visiting the job section and filling out the form.


Scribendi is able to pay its users via Paypal as well as direct deposits. It is a project-based business, and there is no set amount of salary. According to freelancers who have worked for them their average earnings are between $15 to $20 per hour.


Prompt is a site that offers assistance to students in creating their essays, particularly college essays. Therefore, it requires people who are creative writers who are able to comprehend what it takes to compose an essay. They provide writing instruction to students.
The job of the writer on a prompt is distinct from proofreading because it requires creativity and writing. It demands a minimum commitment of 4 hours per week. This is an excellent possibility for those who enjoy writing and have a knack for writing, analyzing, and making the most of an essay.


Prompt offers its editors at least 20 dollars an hour. The pay increases over time until between $24 and $28per hour when the editor is an active member.


Scribbr is a writing coaching service available to students. It assists students in creating their essays and helps to improve their writing skills by helping them develop their writing abilities.

It also assists students of master’s, bachelor’s, and even Ph.D. in finishing their dissertations to graduate successfully. If you think you’re able to be a competent student mentor and editor and students, then you should be a part of Scribbr. The greatest thing about Scribbr is that it offers writers to be flexible with their work.
It is possible to work in your own home, and you can even create your own schedule. Apart from that, you can connect with the writers of the world at Scribbbr in case you require assistance of any kind.


Scribbr offers their editors anywhere between EUR20 and EUR25 each hour. Editors also receive more money in the event that the deadline is shorter. Therefore, the earlier the deadline is the more money you will receive. The payment method is PayPal.

Cactus worldwide

Cactus Global is a proofreading service for proofreader that recruits expert writers with a variety of specializations. They can assist with writing assignments in various areas, depending upon your area of study or area of specialization. You must hold a degree from a similar field in order to join the cactus team global.
The subjects of proofreading include engineering and science business and healthcare.

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If you’ve got a bit of knowledge that is relevant to a particular field, you could earn money through this forum. Your job will mainly comprise editing and formatting documents. Similar to other proofreading websites Cactus Global allows the user to work at home and set their own working time.


Some sources claim they have heard that Cactus Global pays around $15 an hour. They have a variety of payment options such as Paypal along with Transfers to banks.


Jobs for Editors is a proofreading and editing service that doesn’t require education to earn on their platform. However, it requires applicants to possess excellent English skills and be proficient in analyzing writing samples so that they can highlight any errors and suggest ways to improve. 

Additionally, you need to be proficient with computers as well as the capacity to perform efficiently and complete tasks within the specified timeframe. While you don’t require an education degree to get this job and editors highly encourage professionals and experts to join their website as an editorial manager.

As an independent contractor, you are able to do what you like and sign up for a week of training time in case you’re new to editing jobs. Additionally, editors can apply for jobs that allow them to earn a wage each month, twice. You could apply for a job on this website by sending your resume.


Jobsforeditors reimburses its editors using various payment options like Paypal, Payoneer, and Skrill. Pay-per-hour rates vary based on the difficulty and time-to-complete of the project. For simple tasks, you can earn between $7-$5 an hour. For more complex assignments, they can pay you as much as $9 to $15 per hour.

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