How to make money with free apps

How to make money with free apps

The issue we would like to address is: how can you earn money using free apps? This article is targeted at businesses who want to earn money through the free app. To make things happen, it’s essential to adhere to the correct monetization plan. This is why you can see all the headers that are aligned with the above issue in the correct manner.

All of us are well aware that the amount of apps that are free is much greater than the number of paid ones and, therefore, the principal reason for this is: how do you make money with these free apps?

If you’re hoping to make profits from the free app the correct way then you’ve come to the right blog. We’ve outlined the proper ways to monetize your app that will assist you in achieving dependable outcomes in the correct method.

Free App Monetization

According to a study in 2015, the following are the most popular app monetization strategies employed by companies and are suggested by the most reputable mobile application development firm.

There are a lot of ways to earn money, but the most important thing is to choose the best ones. In the previous article, we’ve listed every one of them.

Learn about the top options to earn money from mobile free apps in a variety of ways:


Advertising is classified as among the most effective ways methods to earn money from applications. In fact, it’s easy to use and adheres to the external or third-party network.

In actual fact, eight out of 10 developing apps for free agencies relied on advertising as the principal revenue source for earning the money on a bigger scale.

Implementing the concept of ads to earn money through the app is simple and straightforward. The app’s creator is obliged to show the ads in their mobile application and can get paid easily from commercial and third-party advertising networks.

The app’s owner gets paid by the number of times that a user occurs on the advertisement or when the user has completed the app installation by clicking on the advertisement.


Subscriptions are the most efficient and effective method of monetizing apps. App publishers are able to offer content for free or at a reasonable price in applications for a limited duration and may charge a subscription fee according to the amount that will allow users to access the classifieds and other content they have published.

The most popular method which is used in the vast majority of owners of free apps is to offer a free trial period for the app and then charge the users who would like to continue by charging a subscription fee.

The above monetization strategy is used extensively for cloud services, online audio/video streaming, and news portals.

Selling Merchandise

This is a different approach. The owner is able to sell items on their free app.

Many e-commerce companies choose to build applications to sell products such as shirts, toys, and other items. They can utilize the app to sell the items through the use of the best practices for email-based marketing.

To encourage the diverse genres of apps to use this strategy of monetization, recently, Amazon has announced a service known as Merch that allows app publishers to display their work and showcase their products in the most appropriate way.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases are those that are made directly through the app. In-app purchases are used to enable the latest and most powerful features that make users’ interactions faster and more effective.

In simple terms In simple terms, in-app purchases allow owners of the app to sell their virtual goods in a simple way.

According to the Forbes app store, apps equipped with in-app purchases generate the largest amount of revenue for app owners. This trend is likely to take over in the near future also.

Both UK agencies as well as the other third-party advertisers are looking to invest the maximum amount of their advertising budgets in In-app advertisements. This is because both aid in gaining the highest engagement, which could be described as the most effective method to earn money.

Freemium Upsell

According to a mobile app development company, a freemium upsell can be described as the method whereby users download apps at no cost, but they are then required to pay for extra or premium features. These kinds of features along with other android app development services are utilized through in-app purchase that has been infused.

The Custom iOS design and Android apps development services come with many options to develop apps for free and owners are using the same strategies to earn money as well as for attracting customers.

Transaction Fees

It can be considered to be the best method of monetizing your apps. The app’s owners could charge fees for transactions to make the digital transactions easy for customers.

For example, mobile apps could include an option to offer products to customers for which the app’s owner can charge charges. The app owners can start with a low cost for each transaction that takes place. In this manner, they will allow the proprietors to make an impressive amount of money, without having to invest too much.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of models for monetizing apps, app developers can certainly earn profits from their free apps. Within the realm of the development of custom iOS application development, you can find plenty of methods that can assist you to figure out how to earn profits from iOS apps too. App owners can employ a developer to develop their apps, in addition to getting a lot of information on the methods they can earn money from the sale of the apps they have developed.

These headers can be beneficial in getting the most value from your app when they are used in the correct way. Employ an app developer if you want an advanced solution, and also a digital marketer in addition to one who sets the conditions for making a profit in the most appropriate and legal methods.

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