passive income with annuities

How to make passive income with annuities and REIT

Annuities are an insurance policy which you purchase, but could provide you with steady income throughout your time to come in the form of monthly installments. Annuities have different terms and may not be an excellent deal, so it’s recommended to speak with an expert financial advisor you’re thinking of buying an Annuity.

They aren’t suitable ideal for everyone. They could have high costs and may could not be worth it. If you’re not averse to risk, fear of losing money, and are seeking an reliable income source This could be a viable option for your portfolio.

 Invest In A REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)

If you’re worried about investing in the real estate market, or perhaps there’s no way to become an approved investor yet, it’s acceptable. You still have the option of taking advantages of real estate for your investments with REITs – Real Estate Investment Trusts.

They are investment vehicles that have property in them and you, as the owner are able to profit from the profits, refinances or sales, as well as the or loss (or loss) from the property.

Our top choice for investing in REITs can be found at Fundrise. It only requires the minimum of $500 to begin and they offer many options that we like too!

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