How to start mining AVN on CPU & GPU

How to start Mining Avian Cryptocurrency (AVN) coin | CPU & GPU Mining

When you mine Avian (AVN) coin a Reward of 2500 AVN in each block is rewarded. Block time of 30 seconds. 21 billion of total supply. Secure and decentralized hashrate that increases the security and security of network.

What is Avian (AVN) coin

Avian is a digital experiment currency that lets you make instant payments to anyone anyplace around the world. Avian makes use of peer-to peer technology to operate without central authority. The process of managing transactions and making money are done together through the network. Avian Core refers to the brand of the open source software that allows the utilization of the currency.

For more details including immediate access to a binary versions of Avian Core, visit Avian Core application, visit

How to Start Mining Avian Coin

To begin mine Avian using X16RT and/or MinotaurX You will require an account along with mining software and an mining pool.

You will first need the mining program downloaded read more below:

List of Mining Softwares for mining Avian Coin




Once you have the miner downloaded next is to download Wallet and copy your wallet address that we need to add into Mining Software.

Download Avian (AVN) Wallet


  • Open your (just Downloaded) GUI wallet
  • Go to to Wallet > Options > Network
  • Allow Map port using “uPnP and incoming connections
  • Click ok

How to start mining Avian (AVN) Coin

Step by Step guide on how to start mining Avian (AVN) Coin by “the Hobbiest Miner”

00:00 Introduction
00.10 Do you remember Ravencoin Lite?
00.55 Avian is the latest version of Ravencoin Lite.
01:20 What Algorithm is AVN use
01:40 How do you mine your NEW Avian Coin (AVN)
01:55 Steps do you download and install the Avian Wallet
03:00 Locate your Avian Wallet address
03:40 Choosing out your Avian Mining Pool Add AVN Coin and the Wallet into HIVEOS
06:20 Design an AVN Flightsheet using HIVEOS
07:25 Setting up an AVN Mining System in HIVEOS
10:15 We’re Now Minerating Avian (AVN)
10:45 Monitor your mining through your mining Pool
11.45 speculational Mining

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