How to Make Money As an Icons Designer

There are many options to earn cash as an icons creator, it’s crucial to determine which ones are suitable for you to explore.

Making sure your work is seen by the public is crucial to earning the money you want as an icon designer. The best ways to do this include:

Discover your personal style

As you create icons, you might naturally be drawn to a particular style of work. You can latch onto this. Take a look. You’ll be more sought-after in the field of icon design if prospective customers have a clear understanding of what you’re doing. Your work will be recognized as great work the more clearly you define what you do.

Create a brand for yourself

The most important part of the puzzle to making money for an icon creator is to have a solid brand. This is more than a distinct visual style. It covers every aspect of your work as a designer. The way you communicate and market your designs is equally important as the color you choose. The creation of a solid personal brand, whether it’s your name or a different name–can take time and energy. But, the ROI on investment is well worth it.

Keep your work published consistently

At Iconaday We’re adamant that regular posting will help you develop as a designer. You’ll get more opportunities for feedback, and you’ll be able to assess the progress you’ve made in the course of your work. The process of designing icons that will sell requires some time. The idea of putting your work on the market could act as an inspiring factor.

Sell icons that are displayed on an online marketplace

One way to make income as an Icon Designer is to market icons on the marketplace. There are several choices available to you

Icons Design Marketplaces

The Noun Project

The icons are subject to an approval process after they’ve been uploaded. If they’re compatible with the standards of The Noun Project they are then added to the site.

Two ways that you can earn money: are when someone purchases your icons with one purchase, or if they make use of your icons via an unpaid subscription, pre-paid, or API. If you have a Noun Project user who purchases your icons, you are paid 60% of the royalties. In contrast, it is when a Noun Project user pre-pays and makes use of an API or subscription, you get 40% royalty.


The thing that is interesting concerning Iconfinder is they permit you to decide on the price for your icons. However, Iconfinder states that they have the ability to change the cost for your icons (with notification). If someone purchases your icon(s) the price will be split the purchase 50/50 with Iconfinder.


The cost for icons is determined on a daily basis. After every week, Flaticon calculates the total amount of fees for subscriptions and determines the “per day” fee. The average daily subscription divides by downloads in order to determine the “per illustration “per illustration” cost for the day. This number can be divided by 0.5 to get the 50 percent rate.

Additional Marketplaces

Creative Market

On Creative Market You’re in the position of setting the prices you want (changing the prices at any time) and retaining 60% of the sales. The platform also provides stats and support, making it simple for you to track everything you require to be an icon creator.


Shutterstock has different levels of commissions, based on the volume you’ve made on their platform — $0-$500 500-$3, $3,000-$10,000, and $10,000or more

The company will initially pay 25 cents for each when one of your photos downloaded, and an increase tied up to 33 cents, 36 cents, and 38 cents for each download when you hit milestones of $500, $3,000, and $ 10,000-lifetime earnings goals.

Although this option is significantly smaller than the others it is a great method to make money, particularly when you’ve already designed the icons. Each of Iconfinder, as well as Creative Market, mention non-exclusivity which allows you to sell the same icons on different websites.

Whichever marketplace you choose to offer your work it’s an excellent way to generate a regular source of income.

Create customized icons for customers

Write down your ideal clients

Who would you like to design icons for? Create a list and begin creating your ideas. Consider the kind of client that will be compatible with the type of work you want to produce. Perhaps even better? Contact the customer. You never know what might result from doing something.

Begin by establishing your network

Do you know someone who would benefit from icons? If you’re in a positive relationship with this person you should consider reaching out to see if they’re keen to collaborate with you.

Create a course

Have a good understanding of icons? Have a unique angle to icon design? Perhaps teaching a course to sell is in your plans for the future. There are many methods to go about this, here are a few options:

Use an established platform


Based on the time watched Based on the number of minutes watched, you’ll earn money from Skillshare through a royalty-based system. Every month, anywhere between 30% to 50% of Skillshare’s premium membership revenue is paid to a pool of royalty for its instructors. This royalty amount as well as the number of minutes spent on Skillshare is dependent on the month.

The best part is that there’s no cost to create an online class on Skillshare.


If you’re in search of something a bit more powerful and are willing to spend money on it, Teachable remains a great alternative. It will allow you to create a website that people can go to, charge whatever you’d like, integrate integrations from third parties, and much more.


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