How to Make Money With Your Illustrations – 6 Ideas You Can Try Now!

Make Money With Your Illustrations: A freelance illustrator is always in search of new work. It’s not always easy to find steady work. That’s why it’s important to have an alternative income source.

This guide will talk about how to create extra income as an Illustrator or Artist.

Sell Stock Photos & Downloadable content

Stock photos are another way to earn some extra cash. The pay isn’t high when you sell illustrations.

Because the pay isn’t great, We wouldn’t choose your best work. Instead of using pictures that aren’t difficult to create, We recommend you use images that you haven’t put in as much effort.

Another option for selling stock photos is opening up an online shop on and selling your illustrations as downloadable files. Customers can then purchase them and download them or print them. Being able to do this yourself means you’ll be paid more.

An easy way to make extra income is selling your illustrations on tees and other products on a print-on-demand website. 

It works as follows: You upload your photos to their website, then you decide what type of products you want to make with your art (mugs and stickers) and your product will then be available for purchase on their online shop. The price of each sale will be around 10-20%, depending on the platform.

Check out our guide on these types of websites for more information. We offer advice and lists of the most popular shops/platforms to that you can upload your works.

Offer a service

Another way to create your own opportunities to be successful is to create a service-related service. This works best if there are a few people who follow you on Instagram. However, with a small number of dedicated followers, creating a creative and unique service could be worthwhile.

You could create avatars or profile pictures, draw portraits and portraits of your pets, or even draw portraits.

You should make sure that it is worth your time. Find out what is reasonable and how long it will take to draw each one.

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Open an online shop

You can start an online shop to sell your own prints, stickers, and other products. There are many platforms available to open a shop. These options will help you get started.

Although each platform has its own pros and cons, Etsy is an excellent place to start.

Cafes & Restaurants – Display your art

Ask local cafes if they would hang your prints on the walls of their establishments, and then sell them to their customers.

Consider where your prints would look the best before you go door to doorstep. This will help increase your chances of getting a yes.

It’s also a good idea to do this with prints. Original work is fine, but prints can be scaled up and sold more. You can also have your artwork in multiple places at the same time.

For more information, contact your local shops

If you’re looking for prints or art to sell, it is worth asking around at local shops and boutiques. Don’t limit yourself to one shop. You can also search the internet for shops nearby.

Be ready to provide information and images of your products. A business card will also be helpful.

Make videos about Illustration

Although the next idea will require a lot more effort than others, it is possible to make an extra income by creating a Youtube channel.

You could make videos of your illustrations and offer tips on how to improve them.

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