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How To Make Money With Job Board Website?

Most people aren’t aware that there is a huge distinction between a web search engine and an employment board., Although both differ in a significant way, however, it may be difficult for some to recognize the difference. A job board website is a display of the job advertisements which are posted by prospective employers. A search engine allows users to search the internet and integrate job boards on various websites into one. Job boards demand a minimal fee from businesses so that they can put job openings on their websites. Job boards offer resumes through their database to employers according to their requirements of resources.

If you’re a business owner you could make money by choosing to list job openings on your site. Let’s take a look at the job board website. These websites can allow you to earn money from your posting immediately after the job has been published. The options we review below are all subscription-free options that you can sign-up for and utilize with ease.

Start Website

If you want to create a website, you’ll need a Domain name as well as a reasonable web hosting service! Web Hosting is the type of service that lets users post sites on the Internet.

strongly would recommend iPage hosting for purchasing both hosting and domain names. iPage provides 24×7 customer service, 99.99% uptime, and a user-friendly experience especially made to cater to WordPress users.

Typically, you’ll get the domain name at no cost when you sign-up for an extended-term hosting plan.

In addition to putting ads on the site that may turn customers off, the job board website also has various other models of monetization.

Subscription Companies can advertise job openings and job seekers can view profiles and make contact with companies using the help of a subscription.

Paid listings If you’d like you want to charge a fee for the display of the job advertisement for a certain period of time, or a single-time cost for each posting.

Premium service You can establish limits and then remove the restrictions for a cost. For instance, users might be able to upload only a limit of documents or images. Additionally, you may be able to showcase Premium applicants and companies on the first page of results.

Job Board websites usually have paid ads to help to make money. Two separate payment plans will allow you to get there – one that is designed for businesses, and another for people who are looking for jobs.

Job openings for JobCoin

Employers aren’t worried about spending $99 at first to start posting their job openings to JobCoin. You are paid an amount of $20 per job for jobs where the source of the job comes from your website principally. Every application submitted by someone who is looking for work will be paid between $2 and $10.

JobCoin demands that you be thorough in your research and precise regarding your requirements before posting on the website. Jobs are noticed based on the description you provide of your target audience. JobCoin aids in the footfall of your audience by optimizing your content.


SimplyHired is a well-known brand that has jobs across over 24 nations. Established in 2003, it has become an industry-wide favorite.

You simply put up your job on your site, and they get picked up by the SimplyHired board known as Job-o-Matic. You can modify the cost and duration of your job by yourself. You can show posts that SimplyHired has hosted previously. The benefit of this website is that you will be paid for click-through jobs too.


It’s not simple to build an online job board website starting from scratch and competing with giants such as Google, Glassdoor, or Indeed however, the field of job search has unlimited possibilities. You could consider creating a job board website that focuses on specific areas, industries, or professions. If you opt for the option of custom development, you will be able to expand in the future. It will be possible to start slowly and spot any flaws and then adapt to changing trends by starting with a niche website.

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