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How to Earn Money Online as A Copywriter for Landing Page

In the field of digital marketing the term “landing page” refers to an individual page that is designed to convert visitors from an advertising or marketing initiative into email subscribers or leads.

The majority of its traffic is through a Facebook or Google advertisement and gives users something worthwhile in exchange for their contact information.

SaaS and eCommerce businesses Online marketing agencies, coaching programs, and more. utilize landing pages to expand their subscriber base as well as fill their pipelines of sales.

A landing page could be anything between a few hundred and several thousand words. However, writing these words requires extensive research. That’s the reason why copywriters on landing pages are able to cost thousands of dollars based on the size of the project.

Tips to Write Fantastic Landing Page Copy

1.) Utilize testimonials from customers.

The most effective strategy for conversion copy isn’t entirely about writing, it’s about letting satisfied buyers write their content to you.

Testimonials can convert customers unlike anything else. It’s difficult to write copy that is as great as the customer you’re selling to. Why? Because good copy is based on the sources, and not only the design and content. Testimonials can be persuasive since they provide the client with the information they will experience when you offer the product.

HighriseHQ’s landing pages make excellent applications for these testimonials. One of the keys to their highly-converting, successful page is the fact that they put testimonials in the center and include a photo of the client alongside the quote.

2) Focus on the advantages instead of the product or service.

The most significant lesson I’ve learned from internet marketing is the fact that consumers do not really care about your products or services. In the sense that they don’t have any interest in the “solution” that you’re trying to offer them. The group comprised of Harvard researchers conducted an investigation of 1,400 B2B buyers across a range of sectors, and concluded that we’ve at “the conclusion of solution sales.”

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In the past, sales relied upon using the “solution-selling approach.” In this approach, “salespeople are trained to ensure that a product is aligned with a recognized customer’s needs and explain how it is superior to the alternatives.”

The approach that was used to work is no longer effective due to a single cause: Customers already know what they’re looking for. They are capable of learning everything with the help of websites and search engines. In reality, they don’t just have a good idea of what they want, but they also know what attributes they’re looking for and the specifications the product has to meet, and the benchmark price.

If you’re pitching the solution you have, then you aren’t offering your customers what they require and desire. It is important to present benefits. It’s acceptable to highlight your solution since it’s an indication to the customer that they are in the right place however, don’t promote your solution. Instead, you should promote the advantages.

3.) Spend some time creating an amazing headline.

It’s not the most exciting news you’ll be reading all day long and yet someone has to share it. People don’t meticulously read your landing page copy. They glance, skim and let their eyes wander across the page but they do not (usually) go through every word.

What’s a copywriter supposed to do? Find a job in which you can be appreciated for your dedication.

No. We adjust to the needs of our customers and create copy that can make them change their minds despite their habits of skimming. Here’s what our customers watch out for:

The headline.

  • A subheadline (usually).
  • The photos.
  • CTA buttons.

Following that, customers could or may not be able to read the following:

  • Major section headings.
  • Bullet points.
  • Short paragraphs.
  • Image captions.

This will provide you with some idea about what you should be focusing on while writing an effective conversion piece. The most crucial piece in the content is the 10 or 15 words that make up the headline. Make sure you focus on and stick to this you’ll be accomplished a lot. To help convert “non-readers,” you should:

  • Make your headline large and strong. Make it clear and concise.
  • Make sure you have a subheadline that highlights your product’s advantages.
  • Large images that show the benefits of your product and clearly explain the benefits of your product.
  • Use strong copy when writing your CTA.
  • Divide your text into sections that are accompanied by a headline in large text.
  • Utilize bullet points in order to describe the advantages of your products. Bullet points that are short. They are not long bullets.
  • Utilize short paragraphs instead of long chunks of text. Any paragraph that is more than five lines is difficult to read.
  • Include captions for your photos.

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