Earn money online by creating killer landing pages on your site It’s not as difficult as you might think. these easy tips will aid you in earning money through your blog. While you might think you need to be a web designer or internet marketing expert to earn money online, it is not the situation!

One of the most effective ways to earn money on the side or even to earn enough money to quit your full-time job is to set up an online landing page. If you have a blog or are starting up an AFFILIATE marketing program, then this one is an absolute “must.”


Landing pages, often referred to as”a “squeeze” webpage or “capture” page are actually any page that visitors are directed to by a site that then attempts to trigger a specific step. Some examples of landing pages are:

  • Internet traffic is directed by the BLOG blog post or from a link in a sidebar to a landing page selling affiliate products.
  • Internet traffic comes from the click of a link that leads to a web page asking them to buy something.
  • Internet traffic comes from an advertisement that users clicked on to a landing page that is specifically designed for the specific target market (i.e. when the banner ad is about dog daycare, it can be assumed that anyone who clicked on it was looking for doggie daycare. The landing page will be a part of the banner ad.)

The purpose of landing pages is to collect personal data on those who visit your website. You can ask for the email addresses of visitors to your website’s landing pages, as well as perhaps a name and email address. Certain landing pages request contact numbers and addresses but people are much more likely to provide this information. The benefit is that once a person who has provided your email address is removed from your website you can reach them once more. It is possible to send them follow-up emails with daily specials, offers… You can mail them anything you want and increase your sales.


The issue with the majority of landing page landing pages has to do with the fact that their writing is not there. There are certain things you should consider when writing an effective landing page that will make sure it’s effective. The first is to provide an easy call to action. If you’re using hyperlinks or graphic buttons isn’t important. The content on your page must inform your readers what they need to do in order to be a part of the page’s content. It is recommended to include a call to action at least three times on your landing page so that you can be sure they have received the message.

The headline on your landing page must be a reference to where the visitor arrived from. Be sure to write in the third person (which implies you use “you” as well as “your”) in addition to ensuring that your text is simple and convincing. Do not try to be creative, and don’t be too inventive – now isn’t the best time to do so. Be clear, direct, and concise and you’ll get better results.

Tips For creating the landing pages, you may create your landing page as long as you like. Be aware that your copy should be as short as you can and as concise as you can. As a guideline, use one with a larger size in the event that you intend to make a sale and close the sale, while having an even shorter version for any type of newsletter, and SUBSCRIPTION sign-up (or anything that has no financial worth).

Your most important details should be listed at the start of each paragraph and should be with bullets. Remember that your visitors are simply skimming over your content and not reading it word-for-word. Utilizing White space and bullets can assist in drawing your visitor’s attention to precisely where you want them to be.

Keep the first paragraph to a minimum. Just a couple of lines are enough to keep them engaged instead of enthralling or overwhelming them.


Unsure of the best way to design the landing pages for your site? No issue. Start looking into the activities of your competitors too. Take note of the things you like and those you do not. Note it all down and begin thinking about what you can do to improve your own. Make a list of any minor changes that you might want to create.

One thing to remember is that on the page you are using to get your visitors on, you must remove any visual clutter. This includes navigation bars and links to other parts of your website. The goal is to keep the readers’ attention focusing only on your writing and only your writing. Your readers should not be drawn to a flashing image within the left-hand sidebar.

As a result, any important elements on a landing page should be located higher than 300 pixels on the webpage. Why? Because people are looking for information quickly and instantly. A majority of visitors who are looking around your site will only look at the top of your page and don’t be bothered to scroll down. Make sure you get straight to the point right away without making your users do anything “work.”

It’s an excellent idea to stick to the standard conventions when designing your page. For instance, if, example, there are links on your page put them underlined. Make sure they are “blue,” this is what people are used to. Be concise, and clear, and ensure that anyone who visits the hyperlink will be able to understand the reason for it.

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