8 Websites for Make Money by Reading Books

8 Websites for Make Money by Reading Books

Research estimates that 2700 books get published daily, which is why book reviewers remain in high demand. Some websites provide an opportunity to make money by reading books.

I think every writer is an avid reader. You can get paid for the things you love.

I believe that the internet has tremendous opportunities to make a living. Look for opportunities in various fields. Side hustle If you enjoy reading and have a strong voice, you could make it a side gig to earn money.

Here’s a list of websites where you can make some money as a book reviewer or audiobook producer. Remember that this is not a full-time job and is not a quick way to become rich. It won’t pay you a fortune, but it will increase your productivity and make you more intelligent as you can make money by reading books by different authors.

Websites for Make Money by Reading Books

1. Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Review American magazine, which reviews more than 10,000 titles per year. They are mostly looking to find English and Spanish book reviewers. They accept all book-length reviews for all genres. You can have the book either in digital or paperback format. Just write a 350-word critique within two weeks. 

2. Booklist

Bookseller reviews 7500 titles per year. They are primarily aimed at librarians, educators, and booksellers. Their goal is to help librarians find the best books, so they can purchase them as soon as they become available. They concentrate on books for teens, adult books and graphic novels.

Write a review of about 150-175 words. But before applying, be sure to go to their website to verify their requirements.

3. ACX

ACX enables you to record a book and get paid. There are many types of books that you can purchase on amazon, iTunes and audible. Create your profile and upload some sample material. Then, you can audition to narrate the book you’re interested in. To do that, you will need to record your manuscript in just a few minutes. If your voice is accepted, you will receive an offer. Then you can make money by reading books.

4. Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices resembles ACX. This is a platform that allows you to give an audition for books. Record the book for a short time during an audition. The book’s author will pick the best narrator according to their talents. If you want to be a narrator for your book, ensure that you have great audio samples.

5. Voices

voices have narrators who come from 160 countries and speak 221 different languages. They are associated with top brands like Microsoft, Shopify, Cisco, Discovery and Cisco. You can find freelance voice talents for audiobooks and podcasting. You must create your profile and upload sound samples to be a narrator of an audiobook. Once you have created your profile, you can begin auditioning for jobs.

6. US Review of Books

The US Review of Books can hire freelancers to review books. They can also earn money. You just need to send your resume, samples of work, and at most two professional preferences. You can submit paid reviews once your application has been accepted. In between two and three weeks, you will need to submit 250-300 words of reviews. These reviews can include quotes from your book, author bios, and the overall gist.

7. Online Book Club

Online Book Club provides a transparent website. It’s not an easy way to make a living. It has its fair market value disclosed. They will give the book to you for free if you review it first. Once you have completed the second review, you will be eligible to write a paid review and receive the book for no cost. All they need is an honest review. They will pay the narrators only for an honest and fair review, not a negative one.

8. Women’s Review of Book

Women’s Review of Book, a well-respected publication, is highly respected. It is the oldest running publication since 1983 and is part of Wellesley Centers of Women. They can review fiction, poetry, visual and poetic books, and biographies. It’s important to know that its reviewers are experienced journalists, academics, or reviewers. You must be highly qualified to pitch it.

These websites can help you concentrate on your writing or reader growth. Reading more books will help you appreciate different authors’ styles and writing styles. Explore your hobby as much as possible and find what makes it enjoyable. These sites are just a guideline, but be sure to do your research before pitching. These are some ways for you can make money by reading books.

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