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How to Make Money on Amazon 2022

Amazon is the largest online money-maker. Amazon is a great place to start for entrepreneurs looking to make a living as an entrepreneur. Amazon offers many ways that you can share your wealth via its platform. It’s possible to become an Amazon Best Seller or make money on Amazon.

You can make money on amazon in many ways, whether you’re selling products or not. Amazon has many ways to help you make income regardless of your skills and resources.

How to Make Money on Amazon

1. Affiliate Marketing

You can make significant money by becoming an Amazon Affiliate. Amazon’s affiliate program is a giant in the Amazon money-making world.

Amazon affiliates can be made money if they have reach online. Just recommend products to Amazon in a category that appeals to your audience.

A commission will be earned if the audience follows your affiliate link and completes the purchase. Amazon affiliates generally receive between 4%-10% of the product’s purchase price. Participating in the Amazon affiliate program has many benefits.

2. Amazon Handmade

Don’t think Etsy is the only place you can sell handmade products. Amazon Handmade is a place where you can sell clothing, jewelry, accessories, and other artisan goods.

Amazon Handmade gives you a unique URL to make it easy for all your customers and clients to find your shop. Amazon makes it more convenient and cost-effective for handmade sellers than any other selling account. Professional selling accounts cost $39.99 monthly, but handmade sellers are exempt from this charge. Pay a 15% referral fee for each sale.

3. Kindle Direct Publishing

Are you a professional writer? You can publish Kindle books without the need for a publisher’s attention.

70% of all royalties on total sales can be sent to you. This platform offers more than just digital kindle book options. It is also possible to print hard copies. To make money in this industry, it is important to be proficient in writing.

You can have a few bestsellers, but you will need to keep publishing content on Kindle. You’ll also have to sell your work or be responsible for all marketing, as no publisher or agent can help you get the word out.

4. Fulfillment from Amazon

An Amazon FBA business may not be as well-known, but it is a great way to make money on Amazon. This is still a great way for you to make money and not have to worry about shipping, customer support, or anything else.

Amazon warehouses hold your products. Once they are shipped, you can make money from the Amazon marketplace. Amazon Prime is a program that allows customers to receive their products more quickly.

The Amazon FBA program allows you to send your items directly to Amazon Centers, which takes care of shipping. It is unlikely that customers would know the difference, which is why so many people don’t know about it.

The units charge Amazon FBA sellers. This is based on size and weight. You will be charged a monthly storage cost if your inventory is not sold. You might find that Amazon FBA is better than selling directly on Amazon, depending on the items you sell.

5. Retail Arbitrage

Ever seen a huge deal at a Big Box store such as Walmart and thought it was very affordable? You can save money if you can use retail arbitrage to stock up on discounted products.

You can use retail arbitrage to profit from discounts offered by big box retailers to sell those products on Amazon. Many products can be sold on Amazon with a large percentage of your income using coupon codes, clearance deals, and other offers.

To determine whether an item is worth selling, use the FBA Revenue calculator. Retail arbitrage can be difficult.

You will likely be disappointed if you believe you can do it by buying clearance items every time you see them. But if you love shopping for bargains, you might be able to save some money.

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