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How Do People Make Money on YouTube channel

If you’ve made it to this point, it’s safe to say that you’ve established a YouTube channel, chosen the right niche, and developed a sound plan to help your site. Don’t waste an additional minute. We’ll show you how to make money on YouTube videos to earn money!

Qualifying for Monetization

Your YouTube channel needs at least a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of viewing time in the past twelve months. Only then are you able to be eligible for YouTube monetization?

Don’t worry!

After establishing a solid SEO plan, you’ll begin getting those huge numbers within no time. Make sure you don’t fool the system, as your application for Monetization might be denied because your channel is engaged in “view4view” or “sub4sub” activities.

Enabling Monetization

It’s just a four-step process:

  • First, go to “My Channel.”
  • Then, click the blue button marked “YouTube Studio (beta).”
  • Then, find the menu and go to the Other Features tab to Monetization.
  • Then, press then the “Start” button in your Monetization.

And you’re done! You’ve accepted these terms and conditions for the YouTube Partner. The only thing you need to do is sign-up for Google AdSense. In case you have already signed up, connect it, and that will allow you to begin make money on YouTube through ads.

Use YouTube to Generate Traffic to Your Blog

Have you got an eCommerce website? You must have traffic!

Many websites were destroyed with Google‘s Hummingbird, Penguin, and Panda updates. Has the same happened to you? If yes, your traffic is undoubtedly suffering. However, there is a way to use your YouTube channel, not just to increase traffic but also to increase it.

Consider repurposing old material into video clips or even making new videos. In the description of your video, include a link to your site to ensure that the viewers click it to allow you to redirect your YouTube visitors to the eCommerce website.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make money on YouTube. Paid sponsorships happen when companies offer you a fair cost for the privilege of mentioning their products within your videos. This might be a challenging target to reach. If you can connect with a handful of companies, you can make an enormous amount of cash. It’s worth it.


Similar to paid sponsorships. However, they cost less. However, the most important thing is that joining affiliate programs is more accessible than with direct sponsorships. You can, for instance, sign up for any affiliate program, and you’ll be given a discount coupon that your followers can use when purchasing. You’ll get money every time you use the coupon code to buy products from the company. The code can be mentioned in your video or description.


There is a huge demand for merchandise, especially for younger people. However, first, you must ensure that your customers are willing to purchase your merchandise. If they don’t, it’s an unproductive expenditure of money. You can ask them what merchandise they’d like to buy via your videos or the comments section (make sure you save your post). Jake Paul and Logan Paul have made millions selling merchandise to their faithful fans.

Why Choose YouTube?

Videos play crucial roles in your company. Therefore, it’s high time you begin planning where to post the videos.

There are plenty of websites to publish videos online, but you have to consider, “are they even worth it?”

We all utilize YouTube as our primary source to stream online videos, including cat videos, fashion vlogs, cartoons and tech reviews, recipes, and more. Keep in mind that YouTube has been around for a long time, and advancements are constantly being made to accommodate our demands.

Here’s the reason why YouTube is the most popular streaming platform for video:

  • This is the “Google” of all types of videos: Google is the king of search engines, and we’ve all heard that. And you know what? Google is the owner of YouTube. This is why you should think about YouTube ahead of anything else.
  • A million viewers: That is not an exaggeration! Many people watch YouTube videos regularly. There’s no specific number because it changes frequently. If you’re a company, you’ll need every one of those views. YouTube can be said to remain a few steps ahead of the competition regarding hosting videos.
  • Free marketing: Everyone enjoys free marketing. When you begin uploading videos to YouTube, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to include links and increase traffic to your site. Be aware that the presence of a video could aid in generating more traffic to your website.
  • Adverts: YouTube lets you advertise without paying a dime. More on this in the future.

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