Make Money Online as A Blogger on Freelance

What’s the most efficient way to earn money writing online content? Start as a freelance blogger.

This is how we began earning money online. The majority of my income is from blog projects for SaaS companies.

Today, there’s an increasing demand for top-quality content. More than 84% of companies are considering outsourcing the creation of content to freelancers.

In contrast to other writing styles that are more advanced, the freelance blogging genre doesn’t need any technical knowledge or expertise.

If you write blog posts that are engaging educate your readers and increase organic traffic to your site, customers will be delighted to pay you the highest price for the work you do.

Here are the best sources to locate bloggers who are looking for jobs as freelancers for beginners.

  • Problogger Jobs
  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • ClearVoice
  • Upwork
  • Reddit (/Hireawriter)
  • Cold Email Outreach

As companies across all industries are spending money on content marketing, you could be paid to write about topics that you enjoy.

If, for instance, you’re a gardener then you could target hundreds of gardening-related businesses as well as blogs that are hiring freelance writers.

Similar to that, if you’re into fitness, cryptocurrency trading, or are knowledgeable about dogs, there are numerous writing opportunities, and earn a decent living by writing about what you like.

The minimum requirements to Be A Freelance blogger

There’s no barrier to entry into writing freelance Anyone can be an independent blogger as long as they possess at least the following capabilities.

The Basic English Written Skills

What is “basic English writing skills” refer to?

This means that you are proficient in your English language and are able to create correct grammar (even if you’ve got an insufficient vocabulary).

Don’t fret that you don’t have to be perfect since there are numerous tools available to assist you with grammar, spelling sentence structure, etc. (especially Grammarly)

If you can communicate with others in English and convey your point of view effectively, you could become an independent blogger too (you may require a bit more practice, however).

There is no need for an advanced degree or an undergraduate degree in English or any other field to become a freelance journalist.

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Because the majority of projects for content writers require conversational content written in plain and simple English.

The ability to Research New Topics

The ability to study new subjects, collect relevant information, and utilize it to create captivating content is essential to your success as a freelance blogger.

Since even if you’re specialized in a clearly defined field it is possible to come across topics or projects that you don’t know much about.

This is the time you’ll be required to look over the existing research in this area for the purpose of writing about it.

It’s not about copying someone else’s work.

It is enough to learn from them, gain an awareness of the subject and then write about the subject in your own way.

Content research skills involve finding research studies that are scientific, tangible evidence, and real-world cases to support your arguments.

Customers are willing to pay premium rates for content that they find valuable because it allows them to get backlinks from sites with high authority.

According to a survey, 70% of SEO professionals believe that well-researched, heavy-on-data content is the best to build links.

The research process for content requires the use of time.

Sometimes, you’ll need to devote more time to researching the subject than creating a piece about it.

However, as I mentioned the right buyers are willing to shell out top dollars for this kind of content.

This is the reason why research is one of the most important abilities for freelance writers.

Basic Image Editing and Design Skills

Don’t be afraid.

It is not necessary to master Photoshop and graphic design to become an author.

However, if you want to make your content be noticed and make your potential customers notice it that you should include relevant screenshots and images within it.

Why? Because attractive content is simpler to comprehend.

According to a study those who follow directions using text and images are 323% more successful than those following directions with no illustrations.

The majority of writers won’t solicit screenshots or images, however, adding them to your writing has many advantages.

This makes your content visually appealing and enjoyable

This gives your clients the best chance to get backlinks

It enhances the value you attach to your content, and permits you to charge more for your services.

What kind of images am I talking about?

Stock images? No.

It is essential to include only two types of images within the content you create to ensure it is appealing and engaging for your customers – screenshots and clips of infographics.

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