Make Money with Podcasting

Podcasting has grown in popularity over the past decade and, with listeners to podcasts being the fastest-growing media audience There are plenty of possibilities to start an entirely new podcast.

However, even if you’ve got an excellent concept for a new podcast, and an aptitude to create online, engaged audiences, how can you earn money through making money from podcasting?

Streaming platforms such as Spotify and platforms like Spotify and Podcasts offer payouts for streams however the payouts tend to be quite minimal. Podcast sponsorships are a way to do this however, for podcasts that are new chances of securing the highest-paying sponsorship are very slim unless you’re already an established number.

Traditional sponsorships are often not accessible to new podcasters due to businesses being more cautious about investing in a podcast that doesn’t have an audience established.

Is it possible for podcasts that are new to earn money? The answer is yes.

Through the establishment of several automatic revenue streams, podcasters could make passive income that increases with their listeners, giving them time to concentrate on their Podcasting.

Make Money with Podcasting

1. Marketing through affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based of marketing in which a company gives incentives in exchange for associates who can effectively attract clients to them. Affiliate marketing can be a fantastic method for creators to make money from their work.

Affiliate programs companies will only pay when customers take an agreed-upon step. The most common action is to make purchases, but certain affiliate programs will pay for registrations for email or downloads, page clicks, or engagement with content.

Since there’s less risk of financial loss for companies who offer affiliate links, they’re an ideal way to monetize content for new creators.

What is affiliate marketing? on podcasts?

Podcasters who sign up as affiliates get an URL (called”an affiliate hyperlink) of the company they’re working with, which they can offer to listeners. Because podcasting is a form of communication it’s important to create a link that is simple to read, remember and type.

A good strategy is to have the URL simply be the business’s website, plus your podcast name (affiliate.com/yourpodcastname). Affiliate links can be included in your show notes or feed via RSS, and distributed to subscribers on the email lists you have created.

If users visit the webpage at the URL and take the step, companies are able to credit the action as a result of your show and pay a specific amount for the number of visitors that you refer to them.

How can I find affiliate programs that are suitable for my podcast?

There are many podcasts that do not have the same target audience which is why the most effective affiliate program for one podcast may differ from one another. The most important thing is to collaborate with a business with the same target audience for your Podcasting.

For instance, if your podcast is focused on the most recent gaming news, you’ll prefer to collaborate with companies offering gaming-related items. Be aware that you are able to become partners with multiple organizations, so don’t feel reluctant to try some partnerships and go with those which are the most profitable.

Shopify Affiliates: If the topic of your podcast has anything to do with involving the entrepreneurship process, starting a business marketing, e-commerce or social media, web design, or the tech industry and you are interested in joining you should consider joining the Shopify affiliate program is a perfect choice. Shopify affiliates get a 100 percent commission on the first two payments for any plan of subscription.

There are many potential affiliate programs to choose from and, in order to narrow your options, you should concentrate on broad-based affiliate programs (those with a broad spectrum of people) and Affiliate marketing platforms that give their users access to numerous brands and affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs

Amazon Associates: Amazon’s affiliate program happens to be one of the largest programs in the world. With millions of merchandise as well as retailers it’s easy to find items that are suitable for your customers

affiliate marketing networks

The process of partnering with an affiliate through the marketing platform is just as simple as signing up with the network, searching for an affiliate partner, and then posting an exclusive link. These are the top affiliate marketing networks worth checking out:

  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Awin
  • AffiliaXe
  • GiddyUp
  • Impact

Each affiliate program comes with each of its advantages and disadvantages, so the best way to monetize your podcast is to experiment and diversify by trying different affiliates. Be prepared to remove affiliate links that don’t perform and reuse affiliate links that work well.

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