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Make Money Writing Product Description

A lot of product description tasks focus on writing content for Amazon sellers, but it’s not always the case.

Shopify is another well-known platform that allows users to build their own online stores (even if they are only small-sized companies). It is possible to be listed on the Shopify list of freelancers that offer descriptions of their products. You can then begin working with business owners across the globe.

In the end, you might get your dream job by looking through social media. Both LinkedIn, as well as Facebook, are full of opportunities for talented writers.

How to Write Effective Product Description

The process of creating a product description that is actually a sale is simpler said than done. Here are some guidelines that will help you do this task the right way and develop a product description that is appealing to paying customers.

1. Consider The Target Audience

Whatever you write about, whether product description or not the need to first think about your intended audience.

In essence, you have to know who you’re writing for!

The information you have will provide essential information regarding the direction you need to follow.

Try to delineate these traits of a person that would purchase the product you sell:

  • Gender
  • Age group
  • Lifestyle demographic
  • Primary interest

Regarding lifestyle demographics, It isn’t a particular characteristic. You must determine what is relevant to the kind of customer you want to sell your product to.

It could be their occupation or marital status whether there are children in the house or other interests (cooking automobiles, cooking or travel) …), and any other information that might affect how they decide to use their cash.

The process of defining your target market could be simple or challenging based on the type of product being offered.

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Finding the perfect customer for products that are specialized handsaws for instance is quite simple.

The best chance of success is creating content for a specific demographic of handymen, with a focus on the group 30-to-50 which tends to be more interested in practical information and is more concerned about the specifications, such as the dimensions and material of the item than like, for instance, its color or style.

Pro tip:

The primary advantage of defining your audience is identifying the ideal replacement for general words. There aren’t many people who would purchase a product simply due to its “high quality.”

Instead, think about the specific benefits they will receive from it “You’ll be awestruck by your friends when you wear this fashionable garment’ “Make your winters cozy and warm by using these space heaters as well as your children will be secure to enjoy their time outside in the sun and will have plenty of enjoyment playing on the trampoline’ more effectively.

2. Gather Your Product Data

It is difficult to create a convincing copy unless you conduct the necessary research.

As a writer of the product description, You must be more knowledgeable concerning the products that will appear in your copy.

Most of the time your employer will give you specifications for the product that you can incorporate into the descriptions you write directly.

However, sometimes, it’s an easy task So you might need to find the details of the product online, or perhaps contact manufacturers directly to learn about specific characteristics or specifications.

Based on the product the required information depends on the product. The data you need will be different. But in general, it includes characteristics like:

  • Materials
  • dimensions (and sizes, if appropriate)
  • Product Features
  • functions and how to utilize functions and how to utilize
  • how to put together or set up the item
  • Included accessories
  • Information on packaging
  • It’s compliant with
  • warranty, etc.

After you have gathered all the information, the next step is to select and select the most relevant information for the product description. Then, you’ll be able to concentrate on presenting the information in a clear and enjoyable manner.

3. Grab Their Attention

Being noticed on the web is difficult since the competition is intense. As a writer, you must manage the balance between optimizing your text for search engines and creating content that appeals to readers who are human.

It’s not simple to be in the very first spot of Google results, which is why you must conduct your research on keywords cautiously. Choose keywords that rank high (but still within the reach of) keywords to include in your headline’s title as well as throughout the body of your text. This helps Google comprehend what you’re writing about.

But the focus on SEO too much could cause text to sound artificial and unnatural, so the balance is crucial.

The most popular headlines are those that concisely and clearly explain the primary purpose of the product. Include a humorous line or two (if appropriate) and include useful information, and highlight how the product can help to solve the problem you or your client might be struggling with.

4. Turn Features Into Benefits

Each product has characteristics. Unless you have more features and are sold at an incredibly lower cost than its competitors (which isn’t likely) the features won’t make a huge difference in sales.

Features don’t sell. Benefits do.

When you are listing the benefits of your product, make sure you connect them to specific pain points of your clients.

In real life this is the best way to convert features into benefits your customers will be willing to pay for:

  • Made of sturdy materials, it will last for the rest of your life.
  • Small dimensions – portable easily stored
  • Battery powered – Take it wherever you travel
  • It is well-constructed and safe for children.
  • Available in a variety of colors. Find the one that fits your needs perfectly

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