How to Earn Money from Email Marketing

If you want to earn money online the most powerful instrument in your arsenal of yours isn’t social media, but SEO or paid-search advertisements. Marketing via email has the most percentage of success of any other marketing channel. In actual fact, email is 40 times more efficient in gaining more customers than Facebook and Twitter. Email transactions have three times the profit than transactions made through social media, according to the worldwide consultancy firm for management & Company.

Do you want to make money through your list of email addresses? You can follow these tested methods to earn money from email marketing.

How can you make money from email marketing

1. Sell a product or a service

Do you have an item or service you want to market? 

If you’re not sure, this is the first step. Find an item, whether digital or physical, or service that you can sell. Without a product to market, it will be very challenging (dare I say impossible) to earn money from your marketing via email.

Not sure of the best way to present to your target audience? Here are some suggestions to help you get off to a good start:

  • eBooks
  • Training guides
  • Online courses
  • Coaching sessions via private video
  • Workshops or classes
  • Memberships

2. Sell other products of other people

There is no requirement to sell your product or services to earn money from email marketing. Instead, you could become an affiliate for other companies products or services. When you affiliate with a business, you receive the commissions that a business earns when you create for your company.

Below is an instance of a successful affiliate relationship: An online business coach provides advice on planning to clients. In order to help them translate her suggestions into action, she suggests affiliate tools, such as web developers and email marketing companies that can meet her client’s sales and marketing requirements.

Before you start affiliate marketing, ensure that you’ve established a solid relationship with your subscribers. Also, ensure that you only promote the products or services you think are appropriate to them. In the event that they do not, they will unsubscribe.

3. Upsell exclusive or premium products or products

One of the most lucrative opportunities to make money through marketing via email is to offer additional services or products upon completion of the transaction.

Let’s say that you’re a life coach and your primary product is a monthly online membership that grants access to a group of users’ webinars, as well as an extensive library of resources.

After someone has purchased an account, you may offer them one-on-one coaching sessions. The participant is able to choose the subject they wish to concentrate on and also ask questions that they might not be at ease asking in live webinars in an online room of other users. A lot of people pay a premium for the attention they deserve.

But it could be more simple than it sounds. For those who are online trainers, you can provide free upper-body exercise. If someone asks for it, they will receive an email with the link to download as well as an upsell for an extensive 12-week program that will give them the results they want.

4. Related products to cross-sell

Each purchase a client makes can give you an insight into their preferences and hobbies. It is possible to use this information to lure them into other products they might also like.

You may already have some kind of email in your inbox today with the subject line “Because you bought this, you might be interested in this.” This is because customers who receive specific, customized emails are much more inclined to buy from you again.

Below is an illustration of an effective cross-sell: A nutritionist get certified via the online program. When they’ve completed this course, they’ll be received an email that offers cross-sells to other courses, this time for yoga certifications, or strength and conditioning certificates.

5. Make repeat purchases

Similar to cross-selling, there could be an item or service that requires repeated purchases. Sometimes, a gentle reminder email can be a great method of bringing in an inflow of sales.

This strategy to earn money from email marketing is exceptionally well for companies that depend on regular seasonal, perishable, or seasonal products. For example window cleaning services could send an email to a client at the conclusion of each year to encourage them for their next scheduled appointment.

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