How to Earn Money Using Video Marketing

The video is surpassing diverse media types across the internet. We are all aware of how video has impacted our everyday lives and even the entire marketing industry. Nowadays, every marketer is including video in their marketing plan to get good sales conversions. Understanding the basics of video and making money from the video can be the most exciting thing for any reader, particularly for any marketer.

This is a comprehensive guide on the best ways to make money with videos. Let’s go through the steps one at one.

Start on the Youtube platform

  • YouTube platform is the ideal platform to explore the possibilities of video content across YouTube platforms that are posted every day.
  • It is difficult to locate your video on millions of video platforms. But, you can make the most from it by using your videos.
  • The conversion rate will be higher on YouTube when compared to other methods to earn money.
  • Create your YouTube channel right now and complete the information required to define your business channel as official.

Explore the possibilities of advertising your YouTube videos. YouTube platform.

What is the reason? YouTube platform to make money

The primary benefit of choosing YouTube to host your video marketing is that you don’t require a domain or money to host your website.

  • Simply create your website with ease.
  • The uploader’s and user’s interaction is excellent on YouTube.
  • The opportunity to earn money on the YouTube platform starts from day one by enabling commercialization.
  • The amount you earn depends on the method of promoting and marketing your video content. It should be able to attract positive views, comments, and likes.
  • AdSense approval is very simple on YouTube because bloggers need to wait for a minimum of six months before they can get approval However, on YouTube, it’s fast and simple to get the approval.
  • YouTube offers more options for targeting to reach your audience, whereas other platforms don’t offer the same options for targeting to create a community and attract people who will view your channel.
  • Let’s look at the reasons to select YouTube in the first place to promote your video and earn cash online.

Now, let’s get to the core question of how you can earn money through the YouTube platform.

How can you earn money from YouTube?

Google Adsense

  • Google Adsense is a gateway for monetization through the YouTube platform.
  • It also shows contextual ads in the videos, which helps you earn a profit when the ads get clicks from viewers.
  • It’s one of the most simple ways to earn money.

Videos sponsored by sponsors

  • The use of sponsored videos is the best way to bring real the popularity of your video and your channel.
  • You can find sponsors for your videos, that will allow for their advertisements to be shown at the beginning and end of the clip.

Marketing through affiliates

  • The most efficient method to earn a lot of money in the shortest time.
  • You must select an advertisement for a product to make an advertisement around by putting the link in the description.
  • Earnings are earned per sale, but it’s contingent on the affiliate partner that you choose.
  • It is more than marketing other products through your YouTube channel or in your videos and getting paid for that.

Do you have a video version of your blog?

  • If you’re a blogger and you have high-quality content don’t be afraid to make a video version that is in complete alignment with the requirements.
  • Share the same video on your channel and include blog posts’ URLs in the description, for readers rather than watch the video blog.
  • You could earn additional cash by redirecting traffic to your blog, as well as earning views on your video channel.

Learn more about the main words on YouTube


  • CPM is described as the cost of a thousand impressions of ads
  • The advertiser is paid for the time their advertisement was displayed. Time, content, and gender are just a few aspects that influence CPM rates.
  • CPM rates range between 50 and $11 per thousand impressions.


YouTube will only take 45 percent of the generated revenues through RPM.

ECPM is similar to RPM rates and it divides your earnings between the playbacks that are monetized and multiplied by 1000.

What are the Do’s and don’ts for earning money on YouTube platforms?

  • Make high-quality videos that will be better than others.
  • Create videos that are engaging and captivating to the intended audience.
  • Know your audience and develop relevant content based on their interests, as well as suggestions you’ve received.
  • Ask your viewers to sign up and share your videos.
  • Engage with the feedback and respond with a positive attitude to create a loyal following on your site.
  • Optimize your channel’s descriptions and tags, as well as other metadata in order to achieve high results over results of search engines.
  • Market your videos, or cross-promote your YouTube videos across various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Don’t promote duplicated videos because you’ll be struck with copyright that could affect your monetization revenues.

  • Do not explicate the content of the video.
  • Do not violate any of the YouTube rules and regulations.

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