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Membership Site Platforms to Host Your Online Courses

For webmasters, course creators as well as information marketing, and membership sites are among the most sought-after methods to earn money online. But, you can access one of these sites in only a couple of minutes with any of the top websites for membership that we have listed in this post.

Membership Site Platforms

1. Kajabi

In the case of establishing membership websites that are hosted, Kajabi has definitely the first choice.

Kajabi’s biggest benefit is the fact that it can make joining programs accessible to users with no prior experience in coding.

It offers some of the most affordable options for your site. The members could be charged on a bimonthly, weekly, or even quarterly basis. It is possible to offer an initial trial for free or charge a one-time set-up cost if you’d prefer.

Kajabi is a simple way to set up multiple membership levels and add different content to each.

The built-in community feature makes it easy to create a private area that allows your users to talk with each other and with you.

2. Builderall

If you’re the manager of online businesses then you’re probably aware of the many tools, services, and plugins to assist in the growth of the brand you’re using and increase sales.

For starting out you’ll require hosting for your website and a sales funnel maker and the services of an email provider, at a minimum. If you’re in the near future, you may think about engaging affiliates and arranging webinars to increase your earnings. The great thing about this is that Builderall solves all these issues by providing all the tools you require in one location.

Builderall provides you with the capability to host your membership website on dedicated servers. You can also avail numerous useful features for hosting like the use of a content delivery network to enhance the speed at which your website is loaded. DDoS security, SSL certificates, and other features.

It is possible to connect to all the social accounts you have easily You can also integrate live streaming via Facebook as well as YouTube directly onto your website.

Anyone who is looking to establish an online business must use Builderall. Whatever your creative skills and expertise you’ll be able to quickly create and promote your products or services with this simple platform as well as its vast reference material.

Builderall lets you turn some or all of your website into a membership-based website. Create a secure space inside some of Builderall Builders Then, you can modify the registration and login options to fit the needs of your website.

The membership of your website can be completely free, or you could charge an amount. This is an effective way to make money from your website and charge your customers an annual subscription fee.

3. Podia

As a marketplace for digital goods, Podia allows you to create and sell membership content including online courses, digital downloads webinars, etc.

It walks you through the complete selling funnel, starting with the creation of a sales page to EU VAT calculation and email capture, management of affiliate programs along with payment process.

With auto-update options, the website builder lets you build tablets and mobile and desktop-friendly websites.

It runs in the background and does not compromise the security of your company and lets you receive every payment made to members without having to pay any transaction costs.

Regarding the delivery of courses, The course player is stylish and well-designed from the point of view of the user.

Even though Podia doesn’t have a mobile application but its course players are mobile-friendly which allows users to view your course content on any device.

Another benefit of the membership site builder from Podia is the possibility of creating separate posts for each one of your members.

You can limit access to these articles with the membership option as well as a good method to share periodic content from time to interval.

4. Thinkific

This is a recognized platform to build subscription websites. It has a drag-and-drop website builder that will assist you in getting started. It allows the integration of an entire eCommerce platform.

The strength of Thinkific is its user-friendly interface and features for beginners that allow people who are not tech-savvy to sell courses and memberships online.

It can play audio files as well as video webinars, PDFs, as well as other formats for teaching and courses.

Additionally, it offers a variety of assessment tools for students, including compulsory or optional assignments, questionnaires, as well as various types of tests. Additionally, you can issue certificates for completion of the course to students who are successful to encourage and encourage them to continue their education.

You could make video completion compulsory and disable downloads of videos to increase engagement with content.

Thinkific and similar systems don’t permit you to create courses on your site. Content is managed by Thinkific and other similar systems, which means you don’t need to be concerned about finding your host provider, however, you have full control over the design of your site.

Automated tools include Shopify, Zapier, Stripe, ActiveCampaign, Google Analytics, and many more App connectivity is an enormous benefit for Thinkific. The platform lets students gain credentials and provide the best user experience.

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