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12 Ways to Make Money by Playing Video Games: Real Money Making Games

Do you know about money making games? Online games offer a variety of opportunities to earn money by playing money making games. While it sounds a little shady and illegitimate, there are many websites and apps that offer opportunities to make cash or receive other types of compensation, such as shopping, surveys, eating out, and playing games. PayPal Cash is used for payment. Participants can also redeem points for gift cards and local discounts.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t play a lot of games, but it’s a good idea to have some experience. There’s no need for gaming equipment. These money making games are not limited to a PlayStation 2, Xbox, or other gaming consoles. They can be played with any Internet-connected computer. These sites are highly rated by users and will help you get started earning from playing games.

Real Money Making Games

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is considered a top website for anyone looking to make money online and play video games. It is free to use and highly rated in the opinion of current participants. Swagbucks is currently paying out $450,000,000 to users. A high-speed internet connection is all that’s required to get started. Swagbucks features game promotions that are a great way to gain experience and earn Swagbucks for those who are just starting out in the gaming industry. You don’t have to play on the site to make extra money.

Online Surveys Surveys for brand and market research pay anywhere from 5 cents to $35.

Swagbucks for Testing Products and Services: Swagbucks can be used by service providers to allow users to test out certain products and services. Participants must give honest feedback. In general, you’ll get a portion of or all the cost of the service or product refunded.

View Videos and Review Content. All you have to do is watch a video online, then leave a review of the length you choose to be paid.

Dining out: Swagbucks Local offers cashback when dining out. This means that you will get discounts at participating restaurants in your area as well as when you travel.

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2. Inbox Dollars


Inbox Dollars is another excellent way to make money in an online environment. Start playing games right away to earn money. Inbox Dollars offers an excellent selection of games, and it’s free to sign-up. You can also find exclusive games on the site.

Inbox dollars will pay 18% for each dollar you spend. Gamers can start by making $10 per day but can earn more as their game progresses. Inbox Dollars have paid out over $59,000,000 to participants through cash rewards, checks, gift cards, and checks. Inbox Dollars have many ways to earn more money.

Inbox Dollars is partnered with large corporations that will pay you to watch videos or fill out a short survey.

You can take online surveys. These surveys pay slightly more than other types and take about 3 to 25 minutes. For special demographics, rates can reach up to $75.

Online Shopping: Inbox Dollars allows you to shop online, earn cash back and receive discounts from many top brands. Members receive free stuff tips.

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3. Mistplay App

Mistplay provides game developers with a platform to gauge whether or not gamers love their games and to suggest improvements (akin to another game testing website). Developers can track how users react to their games as well as whether they are popular or disliked by them. After players have tested and played a game they will be asked to fill out a survey. This allows game developers to gain insight into their experiences.

Depending on the game, the time spent playing can be as short as a few minutes or longer. The better the game is, and the longer you play it, the higher your payouts will be. Rewards can come in the form of points that can be redeemed to purchase gift cards or app credits.

Mistplay has some conditions for playing. The first is that you must be 18 years or older to play on mistplay. Also, you cannot play games outside your region.

4. Paid Player

Paid Game Player lets you play games, view ads, and test products. Premium membership costs $4.99 per year. If you wish to be paid to play games instead of seeing ads every few minutes (which is what you get for free), then you’ll need to upgrade your membership. The basic (and completely free) membership will still allow you to make money by playing video games. This is however a slower process. You compete for cash by playing games to win points.

Premium members can also earn additional income by reviewing games. Even though you get to play the game, you become more of an editor than a participant. To be a tester, you need to identify bugs, glitches, and other issues that may arise while you are playing. Once you are done playing, write a review and give feedback to help others.

5. Earn Quick Reward

QuickRewards is an online platform that lets you make money by doing certain things. QuickRewards allows you to sign up for three programs. These are the QuickRewards Shop and Save Program and QuickRewards Paid by Your Opinions Programs. The QuickRewards earn cash online program is the third. Shop and Save offer coupon discounts and cashback for purchases at related stores. Paid for Your Opinions consists of paid surveys that can be completed on the website. Earn Cash Online is the final program. It allows you to earn money through activities such as reading emails or playing games.

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