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How to make online money on Instagram (2022)

If the American dream is working hard, and making money, it is not possible to make money. You need to have a strategy in order to earn a serious income from social media. It doesn’t matter if your business is a creator or an entrepreneur, you will find the best results using Instagram to make money on Instagram.

Keep reading to see inspiring examples from brands and creators. You will also find tips on how to make money on Instagram that you can use for everyone.

Instagram can make money?

It’s a sure thing. In fact, Instagram places a high priority on helping creators to make a living on Instagram. This is particularly important as the competition heats up from Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube.

Mark Zuckerberg was the CEO of Meta at the company’s inaugural Creator Week, June 2021.

Instagram was second in world downloads in 2021. It is the 7th most visited website and the 4th most widely used social media platform. There are 1.22 million users each month. All this is to say, there’s a vast audience. There are plenty of ways to make money.

(If you are looking for more Instagram stats, which you know, to strut at parties and impress your friends, there are 35 of them.

How much can you make money on Instagram?

Numbers can be complicated because creators or brands are often very private about how much they are making. Additionally, it can be difficult to calculate income through Instagram. What if you perform a song on Reel, get a record deal, and thousands of people buy your concert tickets? Does that count for making money on Instagram? What if you make food videos? Then, you can link to your recipe site and place ads on your blog which will make you money.

This sounds strange, but this is the path most successful creators take. Instagram is a platform that allows you to make money. It all depends on your credentials and audience size.

Here’s what celebs or creators have earned:

$901: Business Insider estimates that this is the average amount an Instagram influencer (with 1,000 to 10,000 subscribers) can make per posting.

Brian Hanly CEO of Bullish Studio (a talent agent for influencers) explains how much creators can get paid to swipe-up advertisements on their Instagram stories from $100 to $1500.

$983,000.00: Kylie Jenner’s reportedly monthly salary per ad/sponsored post

$1,604,000 – This is how Cristiano Ronaldo earns per post

Hype Auditor interviewed almost 2 thousand influencers, most of them based in America, about their earning potential. Here are their findings:

The average influencer earns $2970 per month. Average numbers aren’t always the best, as there’s so much differentiation among the highs/lows.

A micro-influencer (accounts that have one thousand to ten thousand followers) can earn an average of $1420 per month. Mega-influencers who have more than one million followers make about $15,356 each month.

How to make a living as an Instagram creator?

Even if there isn’t an actual business you have, there are many ways that you can make money on Instagram as an individual. A solid following and a clear niche will give you influence. You can even become an influencer.

Assist brands in partnering

Most creators know that the best way to make money with Instagram is by partnering with brands. Find a small or big brand that aligns with your values (that part is important–partnering with a brand that has nothing to do with your regular content, or even directly contradicts your regular content, will make you seem inauthentic).

Brand partnerships can take many forms. For example, you may be offered free products or paid to feature a certain product in an Instagram post. For free, you can make a few posts about your favorite things: food, skincare, and other topics. Those posts can be used to point to when you contact brands.

Sign up for an affiliate program

This is related to brand partnership since affiliate programs still require that you connect to businesses that sell particular products or experiences. Affiliate programs are basically a way to earn money by promoting other people’s products. You want to ensure that the products highlighted align with your beliefs. If you get your followers to purchase something from the brand using the link or discount code, they will be paid.

This nail artist acts as an affiliate marketer to a nail polish brand. Followers can use her discount code for nail polish purchases and the creator earns money.

Live Badges – Enable

Instagram’s Live Badges can be used by creators in the U.S. as a way to make money using the app. To show support, viewers are able to purchase the badges during live video (which range in price from $0.99 to $4.99).

Sell your merch

Instagram is a great marketing tool to help you make more money. If your personal brand has enough consistency to allow you to sell merchandise that’s branded with your logo, catchphrase, or look. If your followers begin wearing sweatpants with your name, you can make some extra money and get free advertising.

You could make great money by selling advertising space on a website, or on Youtube. Instagram can also be used to direct your followers directly to external sites.

Offer tutorials or masterclasses paid

This is similar to linking a blog or video, except that instead of making money indirectly (through Youtube ads or business advertising on your page), your readers are directly paying for the service you offer.

An online masterclass could be offered if your expertise is in demand. This method of making money is very common among fitness influencers. They might offer short workouts that are free and then link directly to a full training program that they charge for.

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