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How to Earn Money from Online Music in 2022

If there’s any positive thing that musicians can learn in the last couple of years, it’s that they have found ways to make more money online music, even when concerts and live shows weren’t feasible.

Live shows are now being performed in the majority of the globe after 2 years without a lockdown musicians are taking to the road to make the well-known and reliable income stream that comes from performing live.

The good thing is that there’s no reason to believe you shouldn’t mix those online streams of revenue that resulted from the pandemic with live performances and touring.

Here’s a list of some ways musicians can earn money online through music:

Earn Money From Online Music

1. Sell digital downloads through Bandcamp, Amazon Music, and Apple Music

While music fans might not be purchasing the same amount of digital downloads they used to, online music is still an effective source of income for musicians. In 2022, fans of online music bought more than fifteen million albums digitally and seven million tracks via Bandcamp by itself.

The distribution of your songs with major internet retailers such as Apple Music or Amazon Music will also allow your customers an easy method of supporting you if you already have an account with these online retailers.

2. Put your online music to stream

The majority of music listening happens on major streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Therefore, the availability of your songs on these platforms is vital for reaching your existing customers and also for reaching new potential fans.

While the revenue from streaming is generally determined by a penny per stream. However, the amount is possible to increase to become an important source of income in the long run. You should also give your fans every chance to help you grow your business, which includes making your online music streaming.

3. Sell band merchandise on your website

In the last two years, Bandzoogle members have sold more than $15 million worth of band merchandise through their sites directly to their customers and are commission-free. This includes vinyl, CDs as well as t-shirts and other wearables, and digital products such as music videos as well as sheet music.

If you’re interested in selling band merchandise online but you’re not sure of what products to give your customers it’s possible to try selling merchandise using Print on Demand services such as Printful. There’s no inventory to store and there’s no upfront cost.

Create a professional website with only a few clicks. it is possible to sell your online music or merch free of commission! Join and sell online music using Bandzoogle today.

4. Live streaming concerts for free using a tip container

If you aren’t at ease selling tickets for your live stream events hosting it at no cost and establishing the online tip-jar is an excellent alternative.

If you are on Facebook Live and Instagram Live it’s simply as simple as sharing the PayPal. hyperlink, Venmo username, or share a link to your website with your viewers.

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In 2020, when the album’s release date was canceled because of the pandemic Bandzoogle Members In the year 2020, Enter The Haggis streamed bi-weekly listening sessions to their album on Facebook prior to the announcement of the latest album. They put up an entry point at their site for every live stream that included the album available for purchase along with merch and an ice jar for tips and resulting in generating more than $16,000 through live streams.

5. Profit from your YouTube channel

The first step to making money from the revenue of your YouTube channel is uploading every bit of your videos onto your channel. After that, you’ll need to enable YouTube to monetize your account.

Furthermore, any time music that you own is featured in any YouTube video, regardless of whether it’s your own channel or others, you’re entitled to get a share of the revenue that is generated. A digital distribution firm such as CD Baby will help you ensure that you receive all amount you’re due.

6. You can finance your next project using crowdfunding

If you’ve got a large and enthusiastic fanbase, crowdfunding can be a fantastic method to earn money to cover the expenses of your endeavor.

The most important thing to do for a successful crowdfunding campaign is to generate excitement from your most enthusiastic customers by explaining what’s happening hidden behind the curtain and inviting them to join the creative process.

7. Promote your online music through social media platforms

Another possible source of online revenue for musicians is earning money when their music is utilized in videos posted on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Check-in with the distributor of your choice whether they have an opportunity to monetize your social media videos.

8. Music that you license

Finding your music license in TV shows, film advertising, and films is more straightforward than you think and even a single spot could be a game changer for your career in online music. Certain musicians earn the majority or all of their earnings by licensing only.

Finding the right music supervisor using the appropriate track at the right moment will require some luck however there are some ways to prepare yourself for success with licensing.

9. Remote session work

Despite the closures of studios and lockdowns during the last couple of years, musicians were able to record and create new music. The focus was on collaboration online in a way that has never been before, and artists hired musicians from all over the world to help with their most recent tracks. This trend is likely to continue and could be a way of earning some extra money.

10. Learn to teach online music

In the past few years, many musicians have discovered an additional source of income through online instruction to their audience.

Through Zoom or video lessons that are recorded teaching music lessons be a fantastic method to earn extra revenue. You could even go one step further and offer music lessons in video, sheet music, and other items through fans’ subscriptions.

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