Make $16 - $20 an hour with Magic Ears by becoming online tutor

Online Tutors with MagicEars can make $16 – $20 per hour

If you’re Canadian or American, MagicEars could be the perfect job for an online teacher who is a beginner. It pays anywhere between $26 and $20 an hour. The money you earn will be transferred to the account of your PayPal bank account by the 10 the the working day each month.

This site is created to aid students studying who are in China. This service is available for students aged 4-12 years old and registering to teach is very simple. Just write the name of your child and send them an email address and you’ll be ready to instruct and assist others.

Every interactive classroom comprises of up to four students, engaging in conversation and learning the fundamentals in learning the English language. You can choose your own schedule for your work hours, which is an enormous benefit especially if you’re considering online tutoring.

You’ll require an undergraduate degree as well as proof of previous experience prior to starting teaching. The students you teach in China and you must be aware of the time zones and working hours into account before you decide to apply for this position.


  • The payout is good particularly for those who are new to the field.
  • Ideal for those who are just starting out.
  • The process of signing up and securing an initial job easy.
  • The cancellation policy isn’t rigid.


  • The site is often busy, so it could take several days before receiving an answer in case you encounter problems.
  • Some individuals might not be able with the various time zones.

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