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How to make a living online as a freelance photo editor (2022)

Make a living online as a freelance photo editor: A great way to earn a living is through freelance photo editing. You can work creatively and with minimal stress while keeping the TV on. Working from home is possible with freelance photo editing. 

The good news is that freelance photo editing pays well despite all of this. We’ll be covering how to freelance as a photo editor or use this skill as a side hustle.

What does freelance editing

Your job is to beautify photos and images for companies and clients. This can be done using digital tools. This can include cropping and color correction, color grade, color grading, and enhancing. There may be other creative tasks that you are required to perform depending on the nature of the project.

  • Airbrushing is used to remove imperfections from the skin and often makes it appear smoother.
  • Cropping is the act of removing objects from a scene in order to place them in another scene. A green screen can be used to remove people from photos in order for them to be placed on the cover of a container.
  • Color correction – This refers to correcting color-related imperfections in images. Exposed photos can look washed and may require more contrast.
  • Color grading – This involves changing the appearance of colors in an image, such as creating a warmer/cooler tone.

Many photo editors have the ability to create new images using a wide range of techniques and effects. Sometimes, they use filters and other strategies for creating dynamic visuals.

Why businesses need a freelance photo editor

You can understand why this is so important by considering the viewpoint of the client. For their products, services, or brands to be successful, companies need high-quality images. It is much easier to trust a company’s website if it has high-quality images that do not look like they were taken on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, even the best cameras in this world can only do so much. Photo editing is required almost always to attain professional quality.

A lot of companies need to create unique images with photography.

Of course, there are times when members of the public require freelance photo editing. This can be used to fix old photos, create wedding photographs, or just to have a little fun.

What skills should a photo editor have?

How can you improve your skills in freelance photo editing

Adobe Photoshop is widely used for photo editing. This powerful piece of software provides numerous tools for all the mentioned processes. Photoshop is so widespread that the term “photoshopping”, which is also used for editing, is frequently used.

Other software for freelancing photo editing

Photoshop offers almost all the features that you need to edit photos, but it’s also useful to have additional skills. Learn design and illustration tools like Adobe Illustrator or ProCreate to get the most out of Photoshop. This will allow you to combine your image-creation and photo editing skills in order to create a wider variety of products.

The same goes for photo editing. This will allow you to offer more features to your clients and make you stand out among the rest. Signing up for stock photography websites like Shutterstock, Envato Elements or other sites is a great idea. You’ll have unlimited access to royalty-free images for your edits.

How can I find job opportunities in photo editing

Now that you have the skills required, you just need to find the work. This is possible in a variety of ways. Look at freelancing sites such as Fiverr, and Freelancer. to find photo editing jobs.

It can take time to gain traction, and it is not an easy task. You’ll be able to find paying clients with little effort if this is done well. 


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