lucrative product ideas For Drop Shipping

Places to discover lucrative product ideas For Drop Shipping

In this article we’ll provide more details on the best sources to find high-end products and concepts, whether it’s for the creation of a expansion of your line or a new store. We’ll begin with some general suggestions to put your mind into the right direction to begin your search and then dive deeper into specific resources near the end of the article.

places to discover lucrative product ideas

When you’re reading this article along with the lists of sources, it’s best to record all your thoughts on paper. Once you’ve got all your ideas that you’ve brainstormed then you’ll be able to revisit them later to evaluate their viability and possibilities.

1. Begin with what you already have

Before you start searching in the web’s depths to find small-scale business concepts products, products, or niches, it’s better to start with concepts that you already have.

It could be a product or an idea that you’ve had for a long time. Perhaps it’s an unfinished business plan in a folder within your personal computer. Even if you’ve dismissed it before you should take an unbiased look. You once considered it a good idea, but is it still?

Here are some things to think about when creating your list of web-based business suggestions:

  • What niches, products, or industries are you most enthusiastic about or interested in?
  • What niches, products, or industries do you know your friends are most passionate about?
  • What issues do you experience in your own life?

Finding the issues within your own inner circle is an effective method to come up with good product ideas. Michelle Ebbin, owner of Jettproof the brand of sensory clothing, discovers solutions to daily requirements. The brand designs calming clothes to help adults and kids with sensory processing disorders, autism as well as Down’s syndrome ADHD as well as other disorders that have an impact on the system of sensory.

“Some Jettproof staff have family members with sensory disorders,” Michelle says. “When we think of new product concepts, we first ask how their family members require in different seasons, situations and activities.”

“When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and face masks were required one of our team members had the concept of using sensory masks for face using our exclusive soft fabric that is calming, Calmtex.”

The idea behind the product was a hit. People who suffer from sensory issues can comfortably wear masks for face when they visit clinics, therapy centers hospitals, workplaces, and clinics.

The best way to find product ideas is to start looking at your own inner circle first. Take note of the things your family members want and could use to live comfortably in their homes and communities easily.Michelle Ebbin, owner of Jettproof

If you have problems, resolve the issue. Think about the pain points you’re dealing with in your own life, or your pain points people in your life.

For instance, you came in to address the problem of dog toys that could be easily destroyed and chewed. Pet owners could be frustrated with products that were not reliable and the cost can quickly mount up. The market for durable pet toys will be based around this particular ailment.

2. Your local community

Sometimes, you don’t require any new ideas in the slightest. The traditional brick-and-mortar companies have been in existence longer than their ecommerce counterparts. Be aware of trends in brick and mortar retail and bringing them into online shopping could be the right thing to come up with a lucrative and innovative online business concept.

Take a look around your neighborhood and note the most interesting or innovative retail ideas people are discussing. You can look through various sources of inspiration like:

  • Newspapers
  • Craft fairs
  • Local markets
  • Community-based activities

3. Online consumer trends publications

An excellent place to begin your search for ideas for products is to look through the top consumer magazines that are trending. Reading trend magazines can give you an understanding of where consumer goods are headed as well as the most popular product concepts that other entrepreneurs are bringing on the market.

These publications will also provide you with new industries and product categories which you’ve never heard about. The latest trends will help you think up new products, services as well as experiences to help your business grow.

There are many popular online magazines for trend, which include, but are not only the following.


TrendWatching is an independent trend firm that scans the globe for the most promising consumer trends and insights. TrendWatching is comprised of experts in cities like London, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney and Lagos that report on global trends.

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is the largest and most popular trending community. It is powered by a global network with 160,000 members and 3 million users, Trend Hunter is a source of inspiration to aspiring and interested entrepreneurs.

Jeremy The creator and CEO of Trend Hunter says, “Like many of us I’m an entrepreneur by nature However, I was unsure of what ideas I would like to follow. I picked careers which I believed would eventually lead me to my entrepreneurial concept … however, after years of looking for ideas, I was still looking for ideas. This is when I founded Trend Hunter. It’s a platform for curious individuals to exchange ideas and be motivated.”


PSFK is an enterprise intelligence platform that encourages creative professionals in the process of developing new services, products and experiences in the fields of advertising, retail and design. It analyzes trends in consumer research and provides insights can serve to provide a start to validate online business concepts.

One of the best examples of someone who spotted trends from an other country and then brought it back home Dan Ben-Nun, the designer Of the brand called Inkkas. Inkkas are stunning, distinctive footwear made of original South American textiles.

The concept for Inkkas was conceived by Dan after he spotted the trend of style in shoes in Peru. Then, he realized it was a fantastic product that could do very well on North America, North American market, he took the idea to home and started an Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $77,000 through pre-orders.

4. Industry leaders

If you’re aware of the industry or particular niche market you’d like be part of, you could make use of various tools to find the most influential people in that field. Becoming aware of the most influential individuals on social media could provide new ideas with continuous streams of edited content from those with an understanding. It’s your job to discover the possibilities.

There are a variety of online tools available to find the most influential people in a specific field or subject:

5. Trend and product discovery websites

Sites for product reviews and discovery can be an excellent source of internet and product business concepts. Websites such as Uncrate (men’s items) as well as Design Milk (luxury products) are excellent ways to check out fresh trends in the world of products that are curated each day. How better to stay inspired than to get every day glimpses of latest and intriguing products that other entrepreneurs are bringing to market.

Here are some examples of consumer blog posts about products to get you to get started:

Don’t only look at the most popular and well-known sites But look into niche review websites too. Think about the types of products and niches are especially interested in and look for consumer-oriented blogs within those niches.

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