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How Selling Digital Products Can Make You Money

The Internet has allowed anyone with a Wi-Fi connection to earn money by selling digital products, a trillion-dollar market unimaginable just a few years ago.

It’s never been simpler to begin a business from your home, and if you’re selling digital goods online, you could find yourself at the top of a profitable, successful company in a very small amount of time.

In this article, I’ll discuss not only amazing digital products you can sell but also the best ways to selling digital items.

If you’ve ever sold physical items on the Internet, you’re already aware of some of the online sales; however, being able to sell digital products online requires you to consider how you sell differently. You might be shocked to discover that digital goods can be more profitable for businesses.

What Are Selling Digital Products?

Everybody uses digital products all the time without any thought, whether as products or as potential revenue sources. When you think of digital products, the first thing that comes to mind might be educational. These could be courses, training tutorials, test guides, video tutorials, and other learning tools.

There are also tools: plugins, software and fonts, stock photography, and many more.

When it comes to entertainment related, music is mostly nowadays a digital product, including ebooks, audiobooks, or podcasts. Artists are selling digital artwork by using blockchain tech!

If you have information or even entertainment you want to give away, you can transform your knowledge into a digital product. Let’s review some selling digital product categories to get going.


25% of Americans consume ebooks, spending 5.5 million dollars on ebooks each year (almost 12.5 million dollars globally). The success of amazon’s Kindle, along with the easy publishing on Amazon, has created the possibility of a hugely profitable market for self-published writers.

Romance and non-fiction books are the most popular, and you don’t need to be an author to publish an ebook. Self-help, how-to, and business-related advice books also are extremely popular. People will pay for your expertise and knowledge if you’re an expert in your field or have more knowledge than the average person.

Online Courses

The online teaching course could be a great way to turn your expertise into money. Similar to ebooks, online courses can be a hit with many people interested in learning the things you can share and are prepared to pay for access to your expertise.

There is no limit to what your skills or knowledge includes: productivity, marketing yoga, SEO writing codes, social media, fixing guitars – whatever it is, there’s a crowd that is eager to learn the skills you’re able to impart.

Courses may be a single download course or a collection of classes, even a subscriber or a membership in a vast assortment of courses.

Portals and courses can be built by hand in a DIY fashion and you can select from various plug-and-play online learning platforms.


If you’re able to develop a desktop application that meets a need, that’s awesome, but most of us aren’t programmers at this scale. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t market software.

Do you know how to navigate to a popular framework software like Drupal, Bootstrap, or the top of the line of website framework software WordPress? There’s a huge market for these frameworks’ themes, plugins, and other customizations. If you can create themes or plugins, you can be sure that you can sell them.

Premium WordPress themes are sold at an average price of $39. Half of the WordPress themes sold on ThemeForest have earned at least $1000 monthly (5 percent have earned at least $10,000 per month! ).

Professional Services

When discussing ways to digital market downloads on the Internet, do not overlook the possibility of selling your services on the Internet. Alongside the general WordPress themes or plugin downloads, there’s an enormous market for customizing: creating unique themes for customers or solving a specific issue by creating a custom plugin.

There’s more than just developing plugins or themes that could be offered as a personal service, web and graphic design and copywriting, legal assistance, translation, and coaching. Many talents are suited to be promoted in the form of professional service.

Web-based Applications

Similar to software, however it is used in an internet browser instead of being downloaded from the Internet. These applications are now called SaaS (Software as a Service). While they’re not specifically speaking digital items, they are used and viewed in the same manner, which is why they’re also worth looking at. Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, MailChimp, Basecamp, and Asana are just a few instances of SaaS products.

One major difference you could be able to notice one of the major differences you will notice between SaaS products and digital ones mentioned earlier is that the majority of SaaS products come with a free usage tier. Beyond that, customers are charged a recurring fee to access more or premium services. Therefore, the creation of the SaaS product is more expensive in terms of starting cost than other kinds of digital products, a lot of which come with no initial or maintenance fees.

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