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How to Make Money Selling Ebooks in 2022

Are you an authority in something that you can be able to share? Or, are you a master storyteller? In either case, you could earn money by selling ebooks. All you need are ebooks and a healthy amount of efficiency, work, and enthusiasm. If you think this is the next step for your company, then this guide is ideal for you.

We’ll assist you in discovering the reasons why ebooks are perfect for earning passive income and provide tips and suggestions regarding where and how to make money selling eBooks.

Let’s get started.

Why Ebooks Are Good For Passive Income

Passive income is among the most sought-after income sources at present. This means you’re able to earn money with little effort required. Also, you’ll spend less time working to earn more. 

The selling ebooks can be a fantastic option to add to any passive revenue plan. Why? Because once you have created an ebook, then market it, and share it, it’s technically possible to sell by itself.

The present requires an enormous amount of time to create valuable content. In addition, creating a solid brand that can help your book to be successful isn’t a simple job.

However, if you have put everything in place correctly, ebooks can allow you to earn money for many years. The more enduring your content plus, the greater the amount you continue innovating and changing it, the more the life span of your ebook.

Do you need more convincing? Here are some of the reasons selling ebooks are ideal for passive income

They’re pretty simple digital devices to create.

Although an ebook may require some effort to create to publish, the ebook is a more accessible electronic product to make than an online course with multiple lessons. It’s possible that you already have the majority of the information in your blog post content, which can be used to create the basis of an ebook.

Templates can make creating ebooks much more accessible than creating with a blank page.

Putting your ebook together is quite simple when you’ve got the content. If you’re part of an entire team within your organization, It’s even more straightforward. Utilizing collaboration tools makes ebook creation a simple and enjoyable task.

Even if it takes you some time to write your first book, It will be simpler to create more. Why? Because you’ll be able to learn from the mistakes and successes of your previous book (or ebooks) and ensure that your following works are bestsellers.

They are excellent leads.

Collecting leads for your company is a crucial part of your marketing funnel. Ebooks are great lead magnets because you’re providing worth when you obtain the lead’s email address. Many authors create free ebooks for the sign-up form, so your paid ebook should provide more worth than a free version.

The most beneficial ebooks, particularly those best appropriate for passive income, are those that have evergreen content. An excellent example of content isn’t likely to change or change in a hurry after the book is written.

5 Sites to Help You Selling Ebooks

1. Visme

Visme is complete software for design and content that allows you to design, publish and share all sorts of engaging content, even ebooks.

It is easy to create ebooks using templates that are already designed (with numerous pre-designed pages), Drag-and-drop design tools, free images, and the capability to include audio, videos, links, and animation, as well as more. Upload your ebooks online. You can download your ebooks in either PDF or HTML5 formats.

2. Amazon Kindle

Amazon is among the most significant online marketplaces for selling ebooks. Making your ebook is among the most sought-after methods to earn money from Amazon, which could earn you $1000 or more per month.

The books sold on Amazon are designed meant for the Kindle reader. They also provide a converter tool for your book, dubbed Kindle Create. It allows you to upload Microsoft Word files, EPUB, and their trademark Kindle file format, KPF.

3. Smashwords

Smashwords are an online publisher and distributor offering numerous solutions for both new and experienced ebook authors. It is possible to upload a Word document or EPUB file. It is transformed into a digital ebook and distributed across significant ebook platforms.

4. Rakuten Kobo

Rakuten Kobo is another ebook publisher and distributor who can selling ebooks through their website and other distribution websites. To publish on Rakuten Kobo, follow the instructions on their website. It is possible to upload Microsoft Word and EPUB files and other formats. They also provide solutions for selling audiobooks and even offer their digital reader for sale.

5. Sellfy

In addition to sites focusing solely on ebooks, There’s Sellfy -an online marketplace for digital products that lets you offer any digital item for download.

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